3 bath options-please help

hilltop_gwMarch 17, 2013

Tomorrow the contractor is coming to look at our master bath. I'm talking myself in circles on plans so seek your help.
The attached pictures shows our current arrangement (#1) and 3 options.(you might need to click on it to enlarge).
Our existing shower is 34"x34" and we need something larger. We hardly ever use the jacuzzi. We have another tub in the house. There's a glass block window at the sink end of the jacuzzi that will stay there - it doesn't show up on all the drawings.

#1 is existing plan
#2 would lengthen the shower to 34" x 48". Would it still seem too small?
#3 would give us a walk-in doorless shower but would involve moving a sink. This shower would be 48"x76" Would it seem too much like a cave?
#4 would give us a shower with a door. 48" x 76" Is that too open and "cold"?

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Personally, I would go for #3. A spacious shower and some closet storage.

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Also a vote for 3.

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I find showers without doors to be cold because all of the warmth and humidity escape into the bathroom which is not so bad during the summer, but not so great in winter. Of course, I would never give up my bathtub either, but I understand that there are many who don't take baths. Because I wouldn't want to give up my bath, I would probably steal 18" from the coat closet and enlarge the existing shower in both directions.

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A vote for #4. And I would also extend the wall to enclose the toilet area so it is in its own space. That would allow someone to use the toilet when another person was in the bathroom.

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When we did our bathroom the contractor told us that almost everyone that goes doorless ends up calling back to have them added because it is too cold! We entertained doing it since who loves to squeegee? But he was right, it was fine in the summer but in the winter it was too cold!!! We have glass surround now.

I like option 2. I really like my vanity to be separate from messy husband's. : ))

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I prefer #2.

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I'd go with 4. I don't like doorless showers.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I also vote for #4. Updated...I mistakenly had #3...I like a door for warmth, not open showers....

My taste is to not enclose the toilet, but I like it behind a knee wall so it gets more privacy, but also some natural light.

Only concern for me is the shower is so wide that the bench is far away from the main stream of water....unless you mount the shower head to the ceiling which would be neat. Whenever I shower, I put my foot up on the bench to wash my legs and I like the bench closer. And despite my shelves, the bench is the de facto storage for my shampoos and rinses and such. I would want a hand held shower close to the bench in #4. I sit and wash my feet nightly during the summer as I barefoot all day long. Handhelds are great for cleaning the shower too.

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I vote for number 3. I am curious as to why you would want the third sink by the toilet. One would have to walk past the double sink to exit, right?

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If #1 would give you a shower you would be pleased with, then that. Minimal cost and disruption.

However, otherwise #3 definitely. The shower is very similar to what I designed for us and works very well, although ours is a bit more squarish. We have spray heads over both sides so we each have one when we're both in there. One is on the wall over the bench but positioned so I can stand in front of the bench comfortably.

BTW, we built a 3-shelf niche into the entry wall directly to the right of the entry so that the view in is attractive and uncluttered.

Also, I never wanted a door and designed it completely out of my housework. We have a nice shower curtain that draws back completely out of the doorway on the inside when not in use, can be quickly tossed in the washer, and can be changed out for another style at any time. One of the things I definitely did "right"--for me.

However you feel about shower curtains, I agree that a really important feature of closed showers is that they stay nice and warm while in use. Our bench is closer to the opposite shower head than yours would be, but a towel waiting there stays dry and is all ready for toweling off in the shower. Robe or clothes, too, for that matter.

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Wait, I misread the numbers. I meant option 4 (I'll edit above to reflect that). I like the vanities together and the door on the shower. We have a large doorless shower and I've had to hang a shower curtain in the doorway because it is very cold in winter.

And I also like Annie's idea of a knee wall instead of a fully enclosed toilet if you don't want a full wall.

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I appreciate everyone's responses. I realize my numbering system may have confused some. If I read the comments right I think many prefer my last option shown which is the way we're leaning, it gives us the larger shower and some storage we need.

I'm not looking forward to the disruption so just enlarging the existing shower is kind of appealing, but in the long run the new shower location is the way to go for us.

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For our Master shower, we did exactly what your #3 shows (removed a big brown jacuzzi tub).

Because Of hard water, I did not want glass doors, but built the opening the standard size---'just in case' we changed our minds.

After using the shower for awhile, we found that we needed something on the opening to hold the heat in.

We went with a curtain and rod. Have not been sorry one bit.

Our bench is out of the stream of the shower. It stays dry and is used mostly to hold soap and extra towels.


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The simple enlargement of the shower in your #2 might work if the entry were on the long wall, but the way it's drawn, it would just create a cave, and it allocates too little space to what you really want, which is to lose the tub and give yourselves a roomy shower.

I wouldn't want my sink to be right smack in front of the john the way it is in your #3. Think about where you'd be standing, and where someone else might be ...

I like the last one. The sinks are placed more sensibly, and the replacement of the jacuzzi with a larger shower is cleaner, simpler, and what you say you want. And it's true that leaving out the door only works if you live in a tropical or desert climate. An open shower with a heavy simple grommeted curtain that you'd keep pushed back against the wall, and use when its too cold, could give you the best of both.

And I think Annie is exactly right about the knee wall by the john. I also like large showers that have a knee wall and glass above it, which would allow you to repeat the other knee wall, give yourself a little more enclosure in the shower, and involve less glass to clean.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Knee walls also give you a place to put a towel bar....in our bath I put in a heated towel bar and I love it....nothing quite like coming out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a warm towel.....

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