I took my dog to the nursing home today

weed30October 11, 2009

I had a retired neighbor who let my dogs out and played with them every day. Sadly, he had a stroke a few weeks ago, and is now in a nursing home. His wife ended up getting pneumonia, and after being in the hospital for 2 weeks, they moved her there too. They are in separate wings, because he has to be in the 'locked' area.

Today I took one of my dogs, , to see them. I brought Florence over to where Jim is, so we could all visit. They were both happy to see her, and she was so good! All of the residents who were out and about wanted to say hi, and Daisy LIVES to be petted and scratched, so she was in doggy heaven. I brought a bag of treats with me, and she showed everyone that she could sit, shake, lay down, roll over, and give a kiss. It was really a nice afternoon for all of us :)

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That's an awesome thing you did! My mother spent a couple of months in a nursing home, and there are some of the saddest, loneliest people I've ever seen in there. I bet Daisy just brightened up their day!

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years ago, i used to take my corgi kids to the local nursing home. this is a farming community. many of the residents had to leave their beloved pets behind and they longed for the feel of fur and sloppy kisses. i always called ahead to let them know i was coming, they would bring many of the residents to the day room and put them in a big circle. my pups would go from one chair to the next, getting treats and pets. like yours, they were in doggy heaven.

my female corgi, one day there, disappeared. it was unusual that she wouldn't stay right with us. i went looking for her. one of the nurses pointed to an open door at the end of the hall and told me she was there. when i peeked in, maggie was sitting on a chair next to an elderly man's bed. he was stroking her head and cooing to her. i learned later that he passed away that very evening. i think she knew he was nearing his end and wanted to offer him comfort. she was such a perceptive little girl!

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Daisy does seem to brighten everyone's day - she is about half the size of a normal beagle, and very social.

ninapearl, that is such a sad sweet story.

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