Flokati Throw - Where can I find a nice one?

sparklekittyMarch 18, 2013

I want to buy a flokati throw to put on a wood lounge chair and am having a hard time finding one. All I can find are rugs. I would like it to have a rough edge, approximately 2 x 4ish feet. My goal is to mimic a sheepskin, which is beautiful, but not practical for my family.

Here is the chair: http://www.dwr.com/product/rex-folding-lounge-chair.do?sortby=ourPicks#.UUeEjldW2So (one of the last images shows it with the sheepskin.)

I did find a faux fur at Ikea, but I really would prefer something made with a natural material. Here is the ikea fake fur (I also would like something less "white" more off white like sheep skin.) http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30229077/

Any recommendations for a good source? Thanks...

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There are some on Ebay, the link is below. Now I want one haha.

Here is a link that might be useful: throw

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I've never heard of flokati throws altho what do I know. ;D

Flokati rugs come in several weights so perhaps the lightest weight would work for a throw. I've never seen them smaller than 3'x5' tho.

I bought a flokati when we lived in Europe in the 70's and it was a heavier weight one. One thing about flokatis is that they do have a bit of lint. Can't really say mine 'shed' a lot but when the kids used to lay on it there would be a few bits of lint on their clothes.

Synthetic flokatis (I also had 2 of those in our bedroom back in the 70's) are very much easier to care for. I washed mine in my washing machine whereas the genuine wool flokati had to be washed by hand either outdoors in a child's plastic swimming pool or in the bathtub. When wet it weighed more than I could lift.

IMO a synthetic flokati or a genuine washable lambskin would make the best throw for a chair. If you get a lambskin make sure it is guaranteed washable. Not all are, there's a different method of tanning to produce the washable type.

For any rugs I only deal with reputable rug companies and not online. I want to see and feel whatever I'm buying and greatly dislike returning things.

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