Updated pics of my dogs

pamghattenOctober 16, 2010

You may remember my quest this Spring for a new dog ... Rocky has settled in quite nicely. He and Lily play, and play and play ... I do some time outs with him, so Lily can have some peace. But when she gets really aggravated, she lets him know.

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Do they take turns taking each other down? Do you says things like I do, "Bo don't eat Roxie's face."

They are both adorable, I'm glad they love each other.

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looks like a match made in heaven!!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

They look so happy. I'm glad this match worked out so well for you.

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oh I remember Rocky! They do look so happy together. Glad it worked out so well. They are both lucky!!!

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Thanks all ... they really are quite a pair. When they finally relax, they lay side-by-side so they're touching each other.

Kim, they do take turns taking each other down ... and yes, I tell Rocky all the time to be gentler with Lily. She often has soggy ears from him grabbing them. But doesn't seem to mind ...

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