refrigerator water supply line hookup - older fridge

aclumJuly 4, 2008


We just bought an older (early 90's) GE TXF27FM refigerator for the garage. Fridge and freezer work great and the ice maker is supposed to working, but the people we bought it from never had the ice maker hooked up. We only paid $75 and plan to use it mainly for the extra freezer space plus, in the fridge section, aging homemade cheeses and cured meats plus our homebrew. So it's not horrible if the ice machine doesn't work but it would be great if it did!

We got the cold water source all ready to go, but looking to run the line to the fridge, we discoved that it didn't have the usual threaded waterline connection. Instead there appears to be a small rectangular inset box with openings to either side feeding into the waterlines for the cold water and ice maker. Most of the outside (to the back of the fridge)is enclosed but there's a little rectangular opening that looks like where you'd plug in the water input line (sort of like a phone jack - but just smooth edges).

Are any of you familiar with this set-up? I haven't been able to find any parts online. If the little rectangular opening IS actually for cold water input, I'm willing to experiment, but I want to be sure I'm not going to ruin the refrigerator or get electocuted! If this IS where the water goes, I was thinking that I could take a firm rubber lab stopped with the appropriate sized hole in the center and cut that down with a razor blade for a tight fit in the rectangular opening, with the waterline tubing fitted through the stopper hole and secured in place with the appropriate glue.

So do any of you have a clue as to what I'm describing (LOL!) and have any suggestions?



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I wouldnt suggest glueing the tube to anything. There has to be a way to properly secure the water line to the fridge. It very well could be a quick lock design.

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Hi Serviceplumberman,

Thanks for responding. I haven't seen any quick lock design parts on the web, so think I'll just forget about trying to hook up the ice machine for now and just be content with all the extra fridge and freezer space I have now.


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I'd wager that the GE web site would have an owners manual that would describe the installation of the water line.

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Hi sorethumbs,

Thanks for responding. The only owners manual for that model that I could find on the web didn't have any useful information on hooking up the waterline to the icemaker.


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