Water Softener Resin

Manny50July 4, 2011

My water softener resin has escaped into my plumbing and appliances. I have disconnected my water softener. I have removed and cleaned faucet aerators and the washing machine water fill hose. The aerators again become clogged and the toilet closet valves and shower valves are clogged. Are you aware of practical ways to clear the lines and appliances of the resin? Thank you for your help.

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The only way is the hard way... flushing one line and one appliance and one fixture at a time. It is a real PITA.

Do you know how and why your softener sent resin into the plumbing?

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I do not know why the resin escaped. The softener is 18 to 19 years old. Thanks for your reply justalurker. It confirms what I thought might be the case.

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