Hooking up W/D in cabinet

kwscookJuly 10, 2012

We're relocating our washer/dryer to the kitchen (getting rid of our laundry room entirely - such a waste of space in our house!), and are having a cabinet built around it. I'm totally confused with the installation, and hope someone can help.

The cabinet maker would like to install the cabinet before the w/d are installed. That makes sense to me, so he can properly affix the cabinet to the walls and floor. BUT, we are using a telescoping vent so we can have as little space as possible between the wall and w/d units. With that, I'm confused how the appliance installers will be able to hook them up if there is a cabinet on both sides, thus restricting access.

And thoughts or experiences? I'm so confused!

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There will have to be enough play in the lines (water, power) and vent to hook them up before they are pushed into place. Sounds like you need some flexible duct.

I once had to hook up a tall combo unit in an alcove and the power cord was too short to plug it in first. Major pain. I ended up using a 2x4and some ingenuity to "hold" the power plug and push it into the outlet as I reached over the units.

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You must not spend much time in your kitchen. Even quiet washers and dryers make noises that most people find unpleasant, a kitchen cabinet won't offer much sound insulation.

To each his own. I wouldn't think of having our stuff anywhere other than far away from living spaces and behind walls and a solid core door.

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Snidely - wow, thanks for the super helpful response. I'm so glad you wasted your time writing that. Frankly, I don't care where YOU would put your washer and dryer, but thanks for sharing. I actually spend a lot of time in my kitchen - every single day I'm in there. Luckily, we've had our washer/dryer since last November and I'm well aware of the level of noise they generate. They are quite quiet.

Homebound - Thank you for that insight. Our electrician came today and roughed in the electrical. I'll make sure to talk to him about heights for the outlets.

I ended up getting hold of our cabinet maker, and we are going to make a large opening in the side so that the water and vents can be accessed, for both installation and once they are installed. That will be covered up by the refrigerator which is going next to it. I feel a lot better now.

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