How noisy will Plumbing through living room wall be?

mvmartinJuly 28, 2010

WeÂre adding a 2nd story to our 1924 Bungalow. TheyÂre wanting to run the 2nd floor waste and water line down through a wall very near our living room. IÂm concerned about the noise when mostly when someone is taking a shower (both from the waste and water lines). My question is, should I be that concerned  and what can we do about it? ItÂs a true 4" wide wall, so there wonÂt be much room to put insulation on all sides of the 4" waste line. WeÂre going to be putting in 5/8" sheetrock.

One option is to move it to an outside wall, but since theyÂve already started plumbing it, this has some cost implications.

Right now, the elbow they have right at the top of wall is PVC, but the straight portion of the line down through the wall is cast-iron.

Thoughts? Thanks.

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Pressurized lines are generally quiet -- but not always. Gravity drains are generally noisy. Existing structure typically limits/dictates what can be done. Decisions typically limited. If you've got money, modifications can be made but if you're already into it such changes will likely be expensive. Have to decide how long you're going to be there and how important it is to you.

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If it were cast iron it would be quiet. (Does anybody do that any more?)

An alternative (to go with PVC) might be to add an extra layer of sheetrock.

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Thanks. They're actually using cast iron for the waste line, but have PVC on the 45 degree elbows and connectors.

We're planning on being there for years and years, so we want to do it right (plus the house will be there, we hope for another hundred). Couple of days work to redo.

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