How can I keep neighborhood cats out of garage?

frannyoOctober 21, 2007

I have a small, one-car garage. I always park my car in the garage ...and enter my house thru the garage. If I close the garage door immediately...the exhaust fumes (even from my brand new car) stay in the garage...and some seem to somehow seep a bit thru the kitchen door. To avoid this...I like to leave the garage door open for about 20 minutes.

Here's the problem: There's a few neighborhood cats who like to come into my garage...especially now that it's getting colder. How can I keep them out until I can close the garage door?

So../ I'm asking all you pet owners for some

tricks/solutions that you have found to keep cats out of places you don't want them in.

Thanks for any help.

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Geez.........are they so cold that they seek out your garage in a matter of minutes? I'd be tempted to leave the door cracked so that they have shelter, or provide a dog/cat house for them outside.

Do you know the owners or are they strays?

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I would be concerned about this. Why is your new car leaving such a high level of exhaust fumes from simply driving the car into the garage? Why do fumes from the garage seep into your house? I would get the car checked out and find a way to have better ventilation in your garage and have the wall between the house and garage made more air tight.

I would be concerned that one of these days you are going to close the garage door and trap a cat in there who will die from the fumes. If you keep the door open, animals will walk in. There really isn't any way to prevent that.

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Just thought of could install an exhaust fan in the wall or roof of the garage. Turn it on as needed and be able to close the garage door as you enter the house.

As premier mentioned it may be time to have your kitchen door weather stripping replaced.

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If you like citrus fruit, you might try putting peelings near the garage door, off to the sides. Supposedly cats hate citrus and will leave a garden alone if it has peels scattered around, but you have to put fresh ones down regularly to keep the scent strong. Here is a site selling cat deterrents.

It is certainly a person's right to leave their garage door open and not have neighbors cats to worry about.

If there are leash laws, cats don't belong wandering about where cars have to dodge them and neighbors have to deal with their waste in their gardens, smell of cat spray, and birds at bird feeders being targeted.

Here is a link that might be useful: cat away

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I get asthma reactions from car exhaust, so I know that a "healthy" car can give enough off-gassing as it cools to smell it. I would weatherstrip the door to the house, too.

I had glass block windows put in my garage and got the ones with the little vent windows. I just left the vent windows open a bit.

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I don't know about keeping cats out, but you would have a good chance of making any in there leave before you close the door, if you spend some time clashing metal pot lids together like cymbals. Cats hate noise. Of course, maybe your neighbors would hate it too, lol.

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Thanks for your replies:

I should explain further...I some of the alterations to the interior of the garage would not be possible. I already have weatherstripping...but, will look into having it checked and/or improved. I have no idea whose cats they are...cats are curious...they check out places...I've had problems w/ animal mites before...and outside cats are ez carriers. That's my main concern. So i don't want to make it inviting to them.

My car is pulled into the garage after having driven it for an hour...not just pulled into garage from having been parked in the driveway. I am also sensitive to smells...most people probably wouldn't notice it. But, I do.

Thanks for the cat away website...will check it out.

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Once the cats come into your garage call animal control and have them picked up and hauled off to the unwanted, unloved cat station where they will be fed, given health care and adopted out if possible. If these are clearly people's pets and you are a super nice person you could post notices warning people their outdoor cats are in violation of your local animal laws (if they are) by being loose and if it continues then they will be picked up and will have to pay a fine to reclaim them. (which is usually the case). I'm of the belief that pets are at risk in the wild urban environment and there is nothing to be ashamed of by calling and having them picked up if they are loose. Also they keep reproducing and becoming pests so it's really not a terrible thing.

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I don't know if this would work, but have you tried parking outside your garage until the car cools off, then pulling it in and quickly shutting the door? Maybe there wouldn't be enough time for the engine to build up smelly exhaust.

If you try this in cold weather, be sure to bang on the hood of your car before you re-start it. Cats have been known to crawl up in a warm engine compartment, and when you start the car, you could injure or even kill a cat that's snuggled up in there. My brother nearly killed one of his cats this way.

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Yes... Who hasn't heard of someone doing that by mistake.

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good grief some of you people- the neighbors cats should not be loose to go in his garage. Its his garage and he should certainly not have to put up with this, much less be spending big money installing exhaust fans, buying a dog/cat house, and such- rediculous ! Leave the door partly open so it can become a cathouse- rediculous. Park the car outside until it cools off and then put it inside- rediculous ! Modify the car so it puts off no fumes- rediculous ! I have the same problem and had to umteen hours moving stuff to chase the cat out. Next Im getting some cat repellant and sending the bill to the cats owners !

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