Crate or Whelping box?

mfoxjacksonOctober 4, 2012

Hi All, I was hoping someone could answer my question.

If a dog has been crate trained and sleeps in her crate every night, will she use that same crate as a whelping box if she has puppies? Or should it be a different box and or location?



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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

My girls whelp and raise their pups in their kennels or a bit bigger kennel all the time. The puppies stay in the kennel until they are moving around more (about 2 weeks) and I then put them in a kiddie plastic pool with bedding and news paper or I put their kennel in an x-pen with news paper and keep the kennel door open. I find this the best way to kennel train my pups and house train them. :)

A word of caution, I have shelties and their pups are not usually in danger of being rolled on. I would be concerned with a larger dog in a kennel without a safety rail. :)


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I urge you to re-consider allowing your dog to have puppies;
so many precious pups are euthanized every hour of every day.

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Thank you Ginny for your help and answering my question.

Sylviatexas, while I appreciate you have an opinion, I hadn't asked if it was ok for someone's dog to have puppies.

I wondered why when I searched the forum prior to my post and I saw a lot of posts leading with a request for no judgements or lectures. Makes sense now.

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Does it seem reasonable to ask for advice & attempt to censor the advice offered?

This is a Pets Forum, not a breeders' forum;
I've always found the participants here to be concerned with the welfare & well-being of pets.

Perhaps you'd be happier on a forum dedicaed to breeding.

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I understand your point Sylvia, however I am not a breeder and never did I say it was MY dog.

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Are you asking your original question about someone else's dog. I believe Sylvia's concern and mine may concern "backyard" breeders. I have a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and a female Cardigan Welsh Corgi, both from AKC registered breeders and both dogs came with their AKC papers.In both cases, when I origionaly purchased these dogs from two different breeders, I signed documents agreeing to have both dogs neutered and I would not use either dog for breeding purposes. Now, I am not lecturing you or anyone else. It is just that better breeders are concerned about the integrity of the breed.

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And there are those of us who have rescued pregnant females and aside from aborting their pups, are obliged to provide them with a safe and humane place to deliver. We would be asking a question like this as well.

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

I AM a registered and reputable breeder, I do have a purchase agreement and non-breeding contract, my dogs are most definately members of my family (my very beloved pets), and I also rescue ANY animal in distress if it is within my capabilities because I am most dedicated to the health and well being of all animals, even the two legged ones that walk upright! I assumed the poster was simply asking a question out of concern for a dog and I am glad to see that my experience and response was well received by the poster. :)


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