Septic tank filter

bus_driverJuly 13, 2011

My tank was installed in 2004 and has a filter built-in with access cover above the filter. My first with filter. When I pull out the filter, most of the debris just falls out and stays in the tank. I had hoped the filter would hold all the trapped debris as it was withdrawn from the tank, but almost all of it fell out into the filter housing. I have no pump to clear the housing cylinder. This is my only experience with septic filters.

Your experience? Suggestions?

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Filters for solids on the septic output is relatively new around here and their intent is to keep solids from getting into the distribution system and leach fields. I replaced my septic tank recently and the filters are now required by code. Here's what I was told...

Remove the access cover, pull the filter, and use a hose to wash the material the filter collected off the filter and into the septic tank, replace the filter, and replace the access cover.

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I have a hay field of several acres 25 feet from my tank. I dumped the debris on the filter in the field. Interesting looking stuff. Lots of hair and bits of what look like tissue paper somewhat smaller than a pencil eraser. I figured out that the "paper" is the peel from apples eaten raw and unpeeled, and similar fruit/vegetable material. All except the outer layer of peel was digested when eaten. I checked it for a few days for further analysis. It soon weathered away. The tank pumpers just spray it on fields in this area.

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