Please advise! Water softener quit working :-(

manuvaJuly 25, 2013

A couple of months ago we bought a house in Hudson Valley (NY) with well water. The culligan water softener quit working and I need to replace it ASAP. The water is very disgusting right now!

The main numbers:
Iron: 3ppm
Sulphur: 0.3ppm
Hardness: 15 gpg
TDS: 357
Ph: 7.4
Occupants: 3
Bathrooms: 2.5
Culligan recommended "Sulphur Cleer" (a KDF based system?) and another local company recommended their "Evolve" system which seemed very similar.

I would strongly prefer a non-proprietary system. Super grateful for any advise!


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A non-proprietary system has advantages in lower cost and readily available tech info and parts.

Check the Yellow Pages for independent water treatment companies. They will have ads without a brand name product and sell industry standard water treatment hardware.

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I called around. Each company seems to have different idea on what i need. However, all of them agree I need to spend $3500+ on their system :(

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Hi justalurker (nice moniker btw), thanks for the reply. Could you advise me on what size softener i need? Do i need something special for the iron and h2s?

Thanks again!

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Living on a well and getting the water quality you like and water that is safe is more complicated, more work, and more costly than living on a water system... no question about it.

You have high hardness and a softener is required to deal with that. You have high iron and that requires another piece of hardware. All that costs money but $3500 is... well, ridiculous.

It's not like you're in the middle of nowhere. Keep calling around until someone you call recognizes the words Fleck or Autotrol or Clack.

Come back with the specifics a dealer recommends.

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I finally got 3 companies to return my calls:

Company #1:
"Charger Iron Breaker (" to treat the Iron & Sulphur (uses air + filter): $1400, plus a softener: $900

Company #2:
Greensand based system for the the Iron & Sulphur: $1400, plus a softener: $900

Company #3:
Option 1: Use a KDF based system for everything: $2600
Option 2: Chlorine backwash machine for Iron & Sulphur: $1600, plus a softener

Company #4:
Same as company #1, but more expensive.

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In general a water treatment company that quotes a treatment solution without a site inspection and water test is less than professional regardless of the information that the homeowner provides. That's how things get done wrong and misunderstandings happen.

That said...

The Pro WS1 softener that company #1 offers is first rate and $900 is a very good price for a local company installed.

Rule out #4 on cost alone unless they are including labor that is extra with the other companies.

You haven't given any details on #2 or #3 so no opinion there.

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