Transporting hot water tanks

sjislanderJuly 17, 2010

Shiny new participant but a bit tarnished lurker.

What prompts me to join in is hoping someone can tell me a firm yes or a firm no that I can transport a propane water heater on its side. Will it surely sustain damage or, if I am very careful, can it be done safely? The trip is only about 30 miles.

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What does the manufacturer say?

That's the only place you'll get any valid answer.

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Usually the correct orientation for transport is clearly marked on the box using universal icons.

Personally, I would transport a WH standing up as it will be installed and prevent it from bouncing around during the trip. There is no way I lay it down during transport regardless of how tempting it is to do it.

About 30 miles is a long way for a WH that's not strapped to a palette along with it's brothers and sisters.

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Go ahead and transport it on it's side. Just make sure the gas valve is on the top when it is laying down. I install them for a living, and every one of them gets layed down in my van.

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Unlike yesteryears tanks that were fiberglass insulated, todays foamed tanks can eaily take the ride on their side.
(gas valve up)

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Thanks so much. I am doing the transporting tomorrow and appreciate the input.

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The light weight plastic dip tubes are the problem with laying water heaters on their side.

They are supported only at the top of the tank, and any shock when the unit is on its side can crack the dip tube (like dropping the box the few inches to flat).

Handle them very carefully when tipped sideways.

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I am newbie in this forum site.
Hooking up a hot water heater is one of the more common home repair jobs and is easy to learn. But, be sure to read all of the directions before beginning.

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