Rainbird sprinkler system not working

laserred0184July 13, 2014

I am having a difficult time fixing my sprinkler system. I have a rainbows system. All of the vavles are in separate places inline with the corresponding zones. I have tested the control box and it is good. All of my silindoids are good reading an impedance of 40.00 on the multimeter. The only zone that will run is zone #3. Even a manual attempt will not turn them on. Another issue. I opened all of the zones from the silinoids except for the one coming from the main water source. Which is zone 3.. And then run zone 3 and all of the sprinklers come on at once. With all of the valves closed the only one that will run is zone 3... Btw, zone 3 runs just fine on the timer, like it's suppose to!!! Help!!!

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Test at the solenoid - there should be voltage at the coil, when the system calls for water, at that zone. I don't know about your system, but probably it's 24 volts. In any event be careful when testing a live circuit.

Since one circuit works, I'd check for a loose wire.

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The solenoids all have 24v while powered. And I respliced all of the connections at each solenoid hoping to fix the problem. No luck though

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Hi, Some systems have a circuit that turns on a main valve that pressurizes the manifold. It remains on along with every station, I think the main valve is connected to station 3 and not the correct terminal. That would give you the problem you are having. Check the wiring,
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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Well each station is scattered one is on the side yard. the other 3 are in the back yard and the last two are in the front. All of the wiring checks out also. The main water line goes directly into valve 3. Does that mean the valve should be turned on at all times. And same question for the other 3 valves?

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If the solenoids have current, then you are not getting water - from some valve up stream. The control box - are there realys? Could be a bad relay.

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No relays, and that's why I'm not getting it. The solenoids are good... But All of them won't come on. Just zone 3. Which is directly connected to the water main. That zone is turned off by the solenoid and It will still come on with the timer. And if I open all of the valves except zone 3 and run the systems all of the sprinklers run. Just not very well due to the pressure. All zone are supposed to be off correct? And by off I mean turning the solenoid clockwise. Iv been watering the freaking yard by hand for 2 months now:-/ soooootired of this issue

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Hi, Zone 3 is connected to the water main. What are the other zones connected to?

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I assumed zone 3 and they all branched out from there. Basically zone 3 feeding the system. Would that even work? Lol there is no box with multiple valves in it. Like a manifold

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