Picked up cat shelters today

schoolhouse_gwOctober 5, 2011

I think they will work out just great once I get some straw stuffed in there.

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They look great!!! Lucky outdoor kitties!

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He only wanted $25 ea. I gave him $60. Originally, I told him just to make them simple, a flat roof with a hinge would be fine; well, he is an elderly gentlemen and I guess he thought he knew best. :) He said he had some leftover shingles from a birdhouse he had built for me earlier this Spring and thought he'd do a pitched roof plus he used two hook and eyes instead of hinges. They are for in the barn, but I guess if I ever need to put them outside the shingled pitched roof is a good idea.

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They look nice schoolhouse. Plenty of space and will be toasty when the weather turns cold.

But maybe that female will be more inside than out this winter!

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Wouldn't that be just my luck, jomuir? ha. Well, perhaps they will be a nice place outside to nap during mild or rainy days.
I feel so much better just knowing the shelters are available to them.

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He did a wonderful job! Makes me smile.

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