boots2October 29, 2010

can you tell me if I can delete the first post and how?

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Hope she doesn't mind but I'll answer first. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on 'Contact Us'. Write your message asking for the post to be removed and include the url from your first post. Or, you can just quote the title of your post within the message.

You should see it disappear in 24 hrs.

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Hi Boots, I agree with Annz re. contacting GW. Is everything okay? I just read your update and I am so sorry about the puppy and also the surviving ones, what a sad start in life. I really hope the lady came by and is going to help in some way. Please keep updating, you are not alone in this, we all care very much about animals here.

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The lady came and left really fast. She called me back and told me that none of the pups had died. She was in a hurry and didn't tell me a lot but she did say that she knew the family and would make sure it was taken care of. She said she would make sure straw was put in the house for the pups and that the door of the house would be turned away from the wind and that the other dog did not have any shelter at all and that she would see to it that he would have shelter. And really I just don't know. I just wish they would come get them all and take good care of them. She evidently would not consider taking them. I explained everything. She said she took it very serious and that something would be done. She doesn't have an office. She works from home and its odd that it is not in the phone book. She knows who I am and I guess by tomorrow everyone will know who reported. I thought if I could delete some of the posts then it would be safer for me. I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about. Thank you Annz for replying to my question. Yes, Petra everything is ok I guess. I guess I'm just a little scared. I've never done anything like this before and I hope no harm comes to my home and family. I want to thank all of you for being a support for me cause this has been really hard for me. I will do what Annz said to do.

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You may have told the lady already but you should call her and ask that she keep your name out of any discussions with the neighbor or anyone else she talks too.
I seriously doubt your neighbor or other locals are reading these forums but I understand your concern.

Like you I wish they could just take the animals, but the typical approach is to try and get the owners to be responsible for the pets they have. Some owners do turn around with education and now that your neighbor knows others are aware of what he's doing, he may either shape up or find the dogs homes.

One would think he wouldn't try to do any harm to your property now that the police and others are aware of what's going on.

Even with the little support that is available in your area you've done good!

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Ugh, I wish there was a way to remove the dogs from those horrible people. I wonder how this lady knows the family, maybe they've been reported for animal neglect before? Boots, I think it's wonderful you were persistent and managed to get some help. So many people just turn their backs and do nothing. I can understand why you are scared, but you did nothing wrong. Your neighbors are horrible people and, in my opinion, deserve a whole lot worse than just being reported. And I agree with Annz, they won't dare to do anything to you because it would be obvious it was them. Thank you for the update and let us know if she manages to force them to provide better care.

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Oh yes, I did tell her to keep my name out of it and she said she would but where we live everyone knows everyone and they may not tell the neighbor but I'm sure they will tell others and then they will tell others and the word gets around. One thing about living in small towns you can't go to the bathroom without everyone else knowing. Figure of speech. I also doubt that my neighbors will be reading these forums but I still can't help but worry a little over it. I guess it will help my peice of mind to just delete some of the posts. I sure hope this person learns to take good care of his animals. I don't know why they get them in the first place if they are not willing to take care of them. I will still look out for them.

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I am almost positive that your neighbor isn't reading this forum,. I feel bad for you living next door to this horrible family. You did what you could for these dogs. Poor little pups. It's really a shame. My dogs moved from their warm room to lay near the woodstove, and their fur is so toasty. Makes me sad to think of dogs living out all winter..unless they are sled dogs.

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