1940's tub/shower has 4 valves - are replacements available?

fice-t-pantsJuly 31, 2013

I would like to keep the tub/shower the original way the house was built. Are the necessary valves still available?

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Likely not available but even if they're not, repairs can usually be made as long as it's not deteriorated by corrosion.

Typical repairs might involve replacing a seat washer, packing the stem, lubricating the stem, and finally replacing the seat. That would be the hardest thing to find and match, so you need an old-school hardware store with drawers full of them. You remove the one you got, if you're at this last resort stage, and size it exactly. That's the only way to do it.

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I see nothing that can't be replaced and configured exactly as they are now. Finding a matching phone might be difficult LOL

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Wow love that tile, and all those valves and water outlets look like the trendy showers of the last decade. Would never have guessed this was from the 1940s.

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thanks for the suggestions. The phone works great - no need to replace...my dad and his toys!

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