Well problem

eprebleJuly 20, 2010

Have seen the opposite, but problem is as follows:

Replaced the pump with a constant pressure pump last year after a lightning strike. Working fine until about a month ago. Water hardness 120 grain, and brass shut off value failed (would not work). At the same time when the pump kicked on a few seconds later (delay) pressure would jump to about 80PSI then settle back to 30+ until it built to the cutoff (45). Removed the value, replaced with straight line, replaced the check valve.

Now the pressure surge has returned. Trying to trouble shoot and fix. Water is murky, which it had not been since replacing the pump.

flow is pump to surface, U and line back underground to house. In house check valve, pressure sensor, pressure gauge, pipe into skirted Welltron pressure tank which also flows to house. Cutoff value going into house. It almost seems like the pressure sensor puts the demand in - pump kicks in and pressure has to build to a point to get past some obstruction. It then fills normally and cuts out normally.

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If your water is murky maybe you have the pickup in the mud, or you pumped your well dry. Murky water means you are picking up sediment.

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remove pressure sensor and make sure it is not partially blocked with mud/sediment.

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