Keeping House smelling Doggy Free :)

MIssyVOctober 15, 2012

We just brought our puppy home this weekend (Wilson, a Weim). He will be an indoor dog.

One of my hubbies biggest complaints about owning a dog is the house "smells like dog." I want to avoid that.

Any suggestions? He does not/will not be on furniture, we have hard surface in most of the house with carpet in the bedrooms only.

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I don't leave food down, only put down when feeding him then put food bowl in sink and clean it immediately, I am wiping his paws off when he comes in from outside (if grass is wet). I feel like I am doing all we can to keep house from smelling like dog....but it still is noticable.

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Welcome to your new puppy. Basically, if a dog is in good health, they don't usually have a doggie aroma. That 'dog' smell is often a sign of primary or secondary skin infections, both bacterial and fungal. It is often described as 'corn chip' smell. If you control fleas and keep ears clean and dry and check the cleanliness of skin folds in those breeds with lots of wrinkles, you'll go far in keeping stink at bay.

Next is keeping the bedding clean. My doggie likes to sleep in a chair we keep covered with a throw, so that it can be laundered weekly.

If you have long-haired breeds, keeping the hair brushed and matte free is essential. With the breed you are getting, that shouldn't be an issue. I would still recommend routine brushing, just to keep his coat free of shed hair and healthy. It's also a great way to inspect his general skin integrity.

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Thanks calliope.... he goes to the vet tomorrow, so hopefully we get a good bill of health!

We think it sort of smells like his breath.... maybe we just need to slowly switch him to a better food....

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Wilson saw the vet yesterday morning, and he said he has a hunch Wilson trying to get sick. Sure enough, last night he started having diarrhea :-(

We are hoping it is stress overload - he was taken away from his litter too soon, took a 4 hour drive to get to us, was vaccinated the day before the drive, the stress of being here with us and away from his litter..... I feel awful! We got him on some medicine and hoping we can curb it before it develops into anything more.

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How old is he? Yes, pups do sometimes have a smell all their own, like puppy breath all over their body. I never found the aroma of pup breath pleasing myself, though some folks gush over it. Is he housebroken? Sometimes they lay in their own accidents, especially urine and it has a funky smell. Change of diet and location can indeed impact their digestive system. Some dogs are even prone to such digestive upsets as adults. I know my daughter's rhodesian ridgeback had a very sensitive system and changes in diet or traveling to new locations could make him quite gassy and have the trots. Poor pooch had to travel here from England, and I took care of him until my kids could move here and he had to be changed to American food, and had also spent days en route, making and missing connections.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Some male dogs need to have their anal glands expressed more often than others. I have the vet do it each time my male dog needs a vet visit. That smell can definitely contribute to a "doggy" smell!

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