Would this now be considered normal? Faucet levers with 'play'

anajaneJuly 26, 2012

I'm in middle of bath remodel, and plumber just installed Grohe Eurosmart series faucet with lever handles. We've noticed some 'play' in the lever when we turn on/off. Plumber mentioned that there is a plastic sleeve inside the housing that can't be tightened any more than what it is.

He also mentioned that his faucet [Grohe Arden series]doesn't have the 'play' that ours has, and it also doesn't have that plastic part. Has anyone any experience with this? My worry is that the plastic will wear down - and I will have a problem bigger than just handles with 'play'.

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Yes, it's certainly possible with the plastic piece but I would call Grohe customer service to discuss.

Although Grohe is considered "high end", I've come across some really annoying design quirks with some of their stuff. On one job I had a shower mixer that was installed perfectly level. So you would think the handle would then be perfectly vertical when installed. Nope. With their threading I had the choice of having it "too far" or "not enough". That's just one example of many.

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