Swollen salivary glands, excessive tarter,incontinence& coccidia

momof2doxiesOctober 14, 2009

And it's only Wednesday.

Lily's salivary glands are extremely swollen in her neck. We thought once her teeth came in they would return to normal, but they haven't. She looks like she has ping pong balls on each side of her neck. Plus she has excessive calculus on her teeth that have only been in for less than 2 months. I do brush them every day. We repeated all her labs yesterday and they are all still normal. Aspirated salivary glands on both sides and sent it into the lab. Waiting on those results.

Then the university Vet called about Lucy. Her incontinence is getting worse even being on the DES, so the Vet wants to try collagen injections while doing another cystoscopy. I feel so bad for her because she does terrible after the cystoscopes. She had two different types done this past summer.

To top everything else off, our regular Vet called last evening and told us the great news that Ethel has coccidia. She had been in to see the Vet for her wellness checkup and of course I took in a stool sample. Unfortunately, Ethel is a stool eater. There have been two times that she has gotten to Lily's stool before I have. Lily had coccidia when we first brought her home, but after two rounds of the med's. all three of the girls samples came back negative. We are thinking that Lily probably had a false negative the last time she was checked. Needless to say, all three of the girls are on med's. for that.

I haven't been around much lately due to DH having had surgery also.

So if you are still reading this mess, does anyone have any advice on the swollen salivary glands or the collagen for the incontinence?

I am done whining now.


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I have no advice,but you certainly have been through more than your share.(((HUGS))) to all of you.

Shelley and Drake

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oh, gag, I've "had" coccidia, although in kittens rather than pups;
it's the grossest thing in the universe.

don't know about the other stuff, but
I'm holding you & "girls" in my thoughts & in my heart.

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Ask your vet for ponazuril instead of albon for the coccidia. Ponazuril actually kills coccidia, unlike albon (albendazole) which is only a coccidiastat (inhibits growth). Most coccidia we have been seeing is very resistant to albon now, but we've been permanently curing dogs and cats of coccidia with ponazuril. If your vet is unfamiliar with this medication s/he can get the info from me. Ponazuril is actually a medication for horses used to treat ECM. I also use it on rabbits for E. cunniculi.

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Thanks for the support. It has just been one of those days around here. All three of the girls are on the albon so I will talk to the Vet tomorrow about switching it to the ponazuril. Tomorrow will be a better day, I hope.


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you have SO much on your plate! my female corgi used to be plagued with bouts of coccidia a couple of times a year, it was awful! hope you get some good test results and everything returns to normal (whatever THAT is!) very soon!!

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Meghane, is ponazuril also known as Marquis Paste? I thought it also only suppressed cocidia - but good to know it is actually killing it. Thank you for the info

MP is the drug of choice for coccidia in our rescue ...In facts, it is often part of the protocol for kittens with diarrhea - deworm and give MP first thing.

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Yes, Marquis paste is the brand name ponazuril. We get ponazuril compounded at a veterinary pharmacy into a liquid.

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