How do I fix my tub drain thingy

dedtiredJuly 8, 2012

I pulled the thingy that keeps the water from draining out of the tub out of the drain in order to clean out accumulated hair. I don't know what it is called -- it's the metal piece that goes up and down when you turn the handle. A drain plug, maybe?

Anyway, I pulled out the entire thing out and now I can't get it back in. Any tips on how to get this back in place? FWIW, my faucet, etc are Kohler Kelston, so I am guessing this came with the other fixtures.

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Sounds like you removed the tub drain linkage assembly. I would lube it with plumber's grease, the reinsert. Hopefully it slides back in and drops into place after a few attempts.

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Thanks, I'll give it a try.

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Hey, I tried it and it worked! I also had to jiggle the handle to get the tub drain linkage to drop into place. Now I can take a bath without sticking my toe in the drain. ;)

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Good job!

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Your "thingy"?

Here is a link that might be useful: Bucket

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