Suction Hose?

patrick3July 2, 2011

I have a 2 inch pump and am trying to draw water from a creek, approximately a 20 foot rise. The pump is not a submersible, so this will be suction hose, about 75 feet.

I have tried Flex PVC but it has collapsed and is a bear to put away, heavy and stiff. Expensive too.

What type of hose should I use? The pump manufacturer suggested 1.5 or 2 inch hose.



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Need to know precisely what type of pump you have

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20 feet rise is quite a lot for suction. If it works, pumping efficiency will be poor. Get the pump nearer the water supply (lower) if at all possible. Black polyethylene is not really flexible but is about the lowest cost piping that can be used for suction.
Pumps do suction poorly, they deliver water out from the pump very well.

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I have a Flotec 5172, 1.5h, sprinkler pump/w a pressure tank.

Laying out and collecting 75' of the the 2" flex is a chore, but it was worth it. As I mentioned, it worked well drawing water through a 75' 2" flex PVC. Primed, it pumped well for years every Saturday or so.

Oddly enough, the check valve ripped/broke, and about 8' of the flex PVC collapsed.

I need to replace the flex pipe, but had a shock when I priced it. If I swap it out, I'd prefer something less likely to collapse.

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