Miseno sinks

SherylJMarch 7, 2014

Does anybody know anything about Miseno stainless sinks? I hadn't heard of them but suddenly they seem to be popping up on various sites with great reviews. Their pricing is comparable to Kraus. 16 gauge and including grids. They look beautiful but I'd love to hear from someone who has one or has seen one.

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I was hoping someone had one of these as I have been looking at it too.

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I'm bumping also, as we are now considering a Miseno for our new build. The few reviews I read seem to be great and the price is almost unbelievable considering the quality compared to the other sink we were going to go with (Elkay).

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I took a chance and ordered one from Build.com and just received it today. I had ordered a single 30x18 sink. First, the finish is beautiful to look at, however when I looked closer I saw there was a chip right on the top edge which would not be covered with stone, It can't be a chip since it's stainless but there is a chunk missing. I also noticed a rough spot that must not have been polished smooth. I'm going to call in the morning and see if I can exchange it for the Kraus. I'm disappointed because it really is gorgeous with the brushed finish. I looked at Lowes to just see the different finishes on their stainless sinks before I ordered and this one is just beautiful compared to those. I think the Kraus has the same finish.

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Can I ask why you are exchanging it for the Kraus instead of having them send you a replacement Miseno? Are you worried that there is a quality issue? I haven't ordered yet but am about to and your description of the Miseno sounds so great, except of course for the chunk missing!

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I looked at it this morning and I rubbed on that spot and it was actually just some gunk on it that came off. I knew it couldn't be a chip since it doesn't chip. I did have some scratches in the bottom though from the little boxes they had in there that contained the drain stuff. When I opened it there was a piece of styrofoam and a piece of cardboard under that. I think the cardboard should have been in the bottom of the sink to protect it from the boxes that were in there. I don't know if they packed it wrong and forgot to put the cardboard on the bottom or if it shifted during shipment. At any rate they are sending a new sink. Build.com was great. The customer service rep told me that the sinks are manufactured at the same place as krauss and they look identical so I guess it doesn't matter which one you purchase. The Miseno is made for Build.com, it is their brand.

The only other thing I was going to make you aware of is that where the radius is on the corners, those are not sanded as smooth or textured the same as the rest of the sink. I remember reading about that on the Krauss reviews. It doesn't look weird but you can feel that it's different. I love the sheen it has. Keep us posted on what you decide.

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Thank you so much for the update! Just what I needed to hear. I had been wondering who manufactured them, since I couldn't find out anything online. I'm definitely going to order one and will post after I get it.

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Sophie Wheeler

Imported suspect quality. Not something I'd be wanting to take the chance on to permanantly affix to my stone. It's not like a top mount sink thaat you can just change out later if you find out it's crap quality. This is a for life decision.

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Ok, I checked with Build.com and they are manufactured in China at same factory as Kraus. Are there any good quality 16 or 18 gauge stainless sinks not made in China that are affordable? Or should I say, less expensive than Franke?

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I already told my cabinetmaker that I want the sink to be installed so it can be removed no matter what sink I choose. I have one friend that put in a kohler cast iron that chipped right away and another friend that put in the silgranit and had a leak under her sink and found out it was from a crack in the sink.

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Sheryl, just wanted you to know that I received the Krauss sink and there is a difference. The packaging was totally different. They both come packaged with the cover, however the Krauss cover was over the bottom of the sink to protect it and the accessories were on top of that whereas on the miseno the accessories were floating around right on the sink itself causing scratches.

The finish on the sink is also so much smoother, especially on the radius I mentioned before. I'm very happy with this one. Did you pick a sink yet?

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No, cani123, I actually am just about to and thought I would check this thread one more time! So glad I did and thank you for posting this. I was about to go with Miseno but now that I've seen your post, I'm going with Kraus. I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks for taking the time. Our remodel isn't actually starting until June 1, but I'll post again when the sink is in.

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Sheryl, we haven't started yet either so it's not installed yet. I showed it to the cabinet maker and he loved it and thought it was great quality compared to some he has put in. I think I mentioned how great Build.com was. They arranged for UPS to pick up the Miseno sink and there was absolutely no hassle in returning it. If you do order a Krauss I'd love to hear what you think of it when you first see it.

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Will do!

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I read this thread after I purchased my Miseno kitchen sink and thought I'd chime in because I had quite the opposite experience that I'm hearing described here.

The Miseno sink I received from Build.com was everything I was expecting and more. The satin finish is beautiful and really stays clean looking much better than other stainless steel sinks I have had in the past. I thought the packaging was over the top if anything (I felt like I was opening a sink worth way more than what I payed).

I had the same personal debate going in my mind between Kraus and Miseno, it wasn't until I called in and spoke to a Build.com representative that I was swayed to give Miseno a shot. I was assured that the sinks from these two brands are the exact same quality and construction, however because Miseno is a Build.com exclusive line they said they would always back up their product regardless of any issues I may have. I have filed more than one warranty type claim in the past and most companies are a pain to work with in this regard, so having the assurance from a company I trust that they would directly take care of me throughout this purchase was an invaluable asset that I could not refuse.

Here is a link that might be useful: 30

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Hi there! I'm about to make the same purchase - either Kraus or Miseno. Any more updates from cani123, now that you've had the Kraus for a while?


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Our Kraus was just installed and looks really nice but I haven't yet used it as we are still in the middle of our remodel. Our contractor thought it was great looking and was very impressed with the packaging. I'll post a further update once I start using it.

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"I already told my cabinetmaker that I want the sink to be installed so it can be removed no matter what sink I choose."

A Hercules Universal Sink Harness would solve the removal/reinstallation problem easily, but the replacement sink had better have the same footprint.

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Haven't been on in a while and thought I'd check if Sheryl ever got her sink.

Trebruchet, thanks for the info. Ours is still not installed so I will ask about this for the install.

Giants, I'm glad to hear you are happy with the Miseno. I loved the sink itself and I think for some reason the one I received was not packaged correctly since you said yours was perfect. There was nothing on the bottom of the sink to protect it and it had gotten scratched from the accessories rolling around on it. I just ordered something from Build.com yesterday and had a discussion with the sales rep on the phone about the sink and told him about the packaging. They were fantastic to deal with. The Krauss I received is identical. The slab guy saw my sink and thought it was really a quality sink that I had paid a lot more for. Like I said, had it not gotten scratched I would have kept it. I was happy to hear how it stays cleaner longer. What do you use to clean it?

Sheryl, you ordered your after me and mine still isn't in. Have you used it yet?

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We just completed building a new home and I purchases two Build Smart Kits that included a Miseno sink and Moen faucet. The price was considerably lower and the packaging of the sink, faucet, strainer basket and bottom drain racks was very appealing. But, the quality of the sink, despite being 16 gauge, is not the same as the Elkay I currently have. The island sink is the Build Smart Kits MSS162318SR/M7185-CH Chrome Faucet Miseno 23" Single-Bowl 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Moen Brantford Pullout Spray Faucet . Within one week I have visible scratches, and wow is it noisy when running the disposal! I don't like the look - too squared off in the corners and the seams at the bottom to the drain are very visible - but that is my fault for not doing my homework. Should have sent it back but once it is installed in granite, I am stuck.
Do not recommend it.

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Just saw your post, Susansails and it reminded me I didn't post about my Kraus sink. Actually, my experience is similar to yours. Everyone loves their Kraus so much and the price was right so I went with it. It certainly was packaged well and looks good, but to be honest, after a few weeks using it in our newly remodeled kitchen, it is the one item that I regret purchasing. Mine too has scratches already, even though I never use anything harsher than Barkeepers Friend and a non scratching pink sponge. I've only ever had stainless sinks so i'm not unfamiliar with how to care for them. But I could live with the scratches. The thing i really dislike about this sink is the slope on the bottom. It's practically nonexistent. It's impossible to rinse food scraps toward the drain. And with the grid in place it's even worse. I have to lift the grid out and use a sponge to wipe the bottom of the sink to push things to the drain. Water just pools. But like yours, it's an undermount installation in a stone countertop, so I guess I'll just have to live with it. It seems like such a basic part of sink design to get the slope right. When I was reading reviews, I only recall one person mentioning it in a slew of raves, so I dismissed it. Woe is me. Oh well, I do adore my new kitchen in every other respect, so I can't complain.

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Sheryl, I just read your update on your sink. Mine is installed now as well. I don't have an issue with rinsing food scraps because it runs off but I do get some pooling of water in a few spots after the water has run off. I just clean mine with a dishcloth with Dawn soap. So far no scratches. I also wish that wasn't an issue but I still love it.

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My Kraus sink was installed yesterday and immediate impression is the water is pooling and not draining. I love the size and the look but this will drive me crazy. Seems like form over function. A neighbor had it in her kitchen and I loved the look and price. Nothing to do about it now!

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