Lost Geat Pyraneese Has Been Found! Yippee!

gracie-2006October 8, 2010

My neighbor just called me to tell me they found their dog. Someone found her less than a mile away. They called the shelter to see if a missing GP had been reported. Of course they said yes and called the owner. She is home safe, and a little out of sorts. They are going to get both their dogs microchipped! I can sleep now- I have been so concerned.

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Thats WONDERFUL news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh thank God, I've been checking back. I was talking dogs with a lady yesterday and told her I had an Italian Greyhound. She said her sister did as well, but it was stolen.

Unusual breeds or pedigreed dogs are at risk for things like that, and I was really concerned. Thanks for sharing the happy ending.

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Great news! The microchip is fine idea, but her people really need to get a collar on her too. That way if she's found alive the next time this happens, she can be instantly identified and returned. My dogs wear loose tag collars in the house. Those are comfy and ensure that they are always wearing visible ID. We add their harnesses or walking collars when we go out for walks. I don't remember how it was that the GP got loose, but I'm one who never allows my dogs to be in the yard alone. If they're going out, I go out with them. And all gates are padlocked.

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I'm so happy to hear that she is back home!!!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Funny story about a lost dog...

Robert and I were sitting on the back patio a couple of years ago. It had been a hot day, but it was cooling down enough so that we could sit outside and watch the hummingbirds. A medium sized dog came wandering up to us, wagging its tail like crazy, panting like it was dieing of thirst. We have a leash law in our County, so this was very unusual.

We gave him something to drink, and when I went in to get him a couple of dog biscuits I kept on hand for the neighbor's dogs, he barged inside like he owned the place. After an inspection of the house, he laid down....utterly exhausted, poor thing.

The good thing was that he had a collar with a name, address, and phone number. The BAD thing was that the address was for a city a couple of hundred miles away! We coaxed the dog back outside with us, and we called the number on my cell. No answer, so I left a message and phone number.

That little dog, whom we were beginning to be so worried about, stood up and took off across the back yard and disappeared! We were upset and drove around looking for the little guy. No luck.

The next morning, I got a phone call from the owner. Turns out that the address and phone number was her sister's home, where she USED to live. Guess where she lives now? Two doors down from us!!! (The dog is a little escape artist, among other things.)

That dog was a danged good actor, that's all I have to say.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

This is a very timely thread because I found a great little dog last night as I was heading out to meet friends for dinner. I took her to a friend's house and she kept her for the night. I listed her on Craigslist last night and then today I took her to the vet to be checked for a micro chip - no luck there. I drove her all around the neighborhood, hoping she would "tell" me when we got to her house. LOL She loved riding in the car. She also had been recently groomed, so I took her to a groomer that is close by and indeed, they recognized her and called her owner. She contacted me and they will be reunited this afternoon. Turns out she lives just a few minutes from my house, but since she isn't walked on a leash, I didn't know her. I'm so happy that she will be back with her family tonight. She is a great little dog and would have no trouble being adopted out, but I knew that her family must be missing her terribly. Happy ending, Yaaaay.

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