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char35December 9, 2012

I found a simple shortbread cookie recipe to use with a cookie press. I had a hard time getting the cookie dough to separate from the press. I even sprayed a little pam on the cookie plates, but it didn't help.
Do you have to use certain recipes with certain brand presses?
Could it have been the recipe? (butter, flour, confectioners sugar,vanilla and cornstarch.) The cookie shapes held together beautifully when baked, but getting the dough to drop off the press was a bit much.

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I bought a cookie press from Pampered Chef thinking it would work well, but alas, it did exactly what you're describing. I tried everything, and couldn't get a decent cookie out of it. I have given up on ever bothering with spritz cookies again!

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The trick is not to butter the pants. The dough needs something to hold onto.

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"The trick is not to butter the pants."


I know, it's early,
coffee hasn't had time to take effect.

But really, that is true,
Do not butter
(or spray, or grease)
the PANS!

I've also had better luck with the presses
That have aluminum discs
rather than plastic.

I very rarely use my Pampered Chef press
for that reason.

(still giggling)


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I have never been able to get my Pampered Chef cookie press to work with any recipe -- I have the same problems the rest of you folks have. I do, however, have a very old metal (probably aluminum) press that my mother had and it works great!! The only problem with the old one (which looks like it came over on the Mayflower) is that there aren't a lot of discs so not much variety.

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I was going to go back and edit my post, but figured it was too funny to correct.

Glad it made you laugh :)


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Jo, glad you didn't edit. After I quit laughing, my imagination had fun with it....


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It took me a while to figure it out and every time I use my press I have to work it out again - it's also in the amount of cookie dough you press out at one time. Too little and it won't separate from the press - too much and it will just make a blob.

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Made them today. The ungreased cookie pan, that's P-A-N, worked like a charm.

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Thanks you for your input from the bottom of my "pants" --I mean "heart"!! From what I read, I think the problem may have been the PAM that I sprayed on the sheets. I did not believe the recipe when it said " not necessary to grease pans, the butter in recipe will keep them from sticking." I'll try them again-- and follow directions.

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I found that the smaller Italian press was easier to use than my larger old Mirro. Even though I had to fill it more often it was easier to fill and I think the smaller diameter made the pressure more even. Alas, I can't find it! I think I leant it to someone , but who?

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