Water Softner Sizing Question ?

jimbochapJuly 27, 2010

Raw water results.

Results Units

PH 7.44 su

Nitrate Total Coliform Bacteria Absence

E. Coli Absence

Iron 0.38 mg/L

Lead Manganese Mercury Gross Alpha 1.5+-0.6 pCi/L

Hardness is 7 grains or 119 mg/L. (Hardness, often times is expressed in mg/L as CaCO3)

TDS is 141 mg/L

3 people in the house

2 bathrooms

I hope these results will help properly size the unit I need for my house.

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I'm interested in getting a water softener too. I have a 55 year old back and I'm wondering if water can be softened without salt or with a minimal amount of salt. I've seen some units on the internet that don't use salt, but I can't tell if they really work or not. Any ideas?

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From what I understand those no salt units are more expensive and if your iron is very high in your water they do not work as well as a regular softner that uses salt.

Others will most likely know more then me though.

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Softening water is done most cost effectively by ion exchange using either NaCl (sodium chloride) or KCl (potassium chloride) as a regenerant. A correctly sized and properly setup ion exchange softener might use ONE 40 lb bag a month. I have an older back than you and it's doable... even if it's a bucket of stuff at a time.

NONE, I repeat NONE, of the no salt conditioners soften water. Not a single one will reduce the hardness of the water by one single grain of hardness.

If you'd like more info regarding your particular needs then start a new thread.

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I called both Culligan, or Kinetico and both are either too busy I guess or elected not to call me back for some reason.

Don't really know what else I can do to get help. It's as frustrating to you as it is to me. I just want to get the problem corrected as soon as possible.

Sorry I may have offended or bothered anyone on this forum, I'll try not to do that in any future problems that I may have.

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You are confusing bothering or offending with disrespect and a petulant attitude.

Those who give their time and knowledge on self-help forums do it to help others with the only expectations being civility and some small measure of appreciation that they do.

Being ignored and/or not listened to by people who have solicited their advice and assistance does little to endear that poster to those trying to help and ignoring the help you asked for again and again only inclines those helping to stop.

Privately emailing those who already told you they are done trying to help as if they didn't see that you still need help is an imposition and won't do you any good. Neither will hijacking other people's posts that are asking for help with sarcastic "good luck" posts. They will get the help they ask for as long as they don't antagonize those helping them.

You got the help you wanted but didn't listen and then you talked those who were trying to help you out of continuing to do so.

I wonder if Kinetico and Culligan not returning your calls was because you impressed them with the same attitude you've shown on this forum.

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I highly doubt that I impressed any kind of attitude when all I did was leave my name, phone number and address and that I was interested in having my water checked and that I was interested in purchasing a water softner from them.

I got the information you asked for by getting the certified Lab reports. Wanted opinions from here as to what size unit I needed and then wanted to compare when I can get a professional water company out here. Just wanted to know as much as I can before I get another company out here. I was counting on help from this forum.

I have helped plenty of people on different forums on different web sites. I treat everyone with respect and NO question is a dumb question, no mattter how many times the SAME question is asked over and over again, I answer it.

I really enjoy helping people. My knowledge has helped people save thousands of dollars and helped people get the most bang for their hard earned money.

Some people on here I guess just aren't as smart as yourself, some have patience on here when helping a person and some don't.

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There is a limit to everyone's patience and if you re-read your thread it should be plain to see that you have exceeded mine.

And don't single me out... you drove another person, who has posted to help countless people on this forum, to dismiss you.

It became apparent that you weren't or didn't listen to anything that was posted to help you. If you simply couldn't understand then that would have been another story entirely but rather than put up with your DEMAND to be helped because YOU wanted to be helped Alice and I just left you to the only person you need... yourself. We made the best recommendation we could based on your attitude and that was for you to seek out a local pro that you could argue with face to face because our fingers were bloody from typing.

If you search this forum you will see that Alice and I and others take great pains to help anyone that even gives us the illusion that they appreciate it.

It's not a matter of who is smart it's a matter of knowing what you know and knowing what you don't know and asking for help and accepting it with even the most minute amount of humility rather than DEMANDING help.

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I wasn't demanding anyone for help,If you took it that way I am sorry that you misunderstood me that way.

On an open forum like this I was just asking for anyone's help and their opinions on my situation.

Any help on an open forum is a given, it is always greatly appreciated.

I'm really not looking to argue with anyone about this, just trying to learn as much about this as I can so I can be more knowledgeable when I talk to local pro.

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"I wasn't demanding anyone for help,If you took it that way I am sorry that you misunderstood me that way"

When you are told 5 times what tests are needed to answer your questions and still don't listen then we are not misunderstanding you.

"On an open forum like this I was just asking for anyone's help and their opinions on my situation"

Yet you repeatedly ignored the help that was given.

"Any help on an open forum is a given, it is always greatly appreciated"

Yet you didn't act like the help offered was appreciated in any way and became indignant when you didn't get the answers you wanted to hear and then emailed me directly to get an answer after I posted that I was done helping you.

You sense of entitlement is amusing.

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