What to do with existing trim

apinksweaterMarch 14, 2014

So while I am working on the reconfiguring of my kitchen, I thought of something I wanted to ask the great minds of garden web.

Formerly, I had the golden oak cabinets, which I painted two tone ( Uppers BM Cloud White, lowers stained with General Finishes Java- thats a different thread eventually)

Anywho, Im looking at my window bay, and my sliding doors and the golden oak surrounds are bothering me.

Paint or not to paint, this is the question�


**Update** Ive already primed the kitchen bay window, and am waiting to give it a sanding before painting it the cloud white. Wow! It really opens up the room!! It enhances the light!

In any event, I currently need to paint the entire kitchen, and I am trying to figure out what colors I like best for a two tone kitchen. Attached you will find the color my DH picked (he really wants blue green for some reason) BM Largo Teal.

Here is the current color, Laurel Leaf by Behr (when cabinets were golden oak

The soffit above- (its a stencil, not wallpaper). I don't know if a dark color will workâ¦

The largo teal against the BM Cloud White

and the teal against the darker lowers

To dark? Other options? My kitchen is always very, very bright due to the windows and the sliding door, so I thought I may be able to get away with a dark colorâ¦


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I think I'd trying staining one area, first.
Sometimes dark woodwork can look absolutely beautiful.
Given the Golden Oak color, though, you probably have smaller, builder grade trim. (I hope not.) In which case, painting might be your best bet right from the start.

If anything, do paint. BM's Cloud white is so much prettier than any Golden Oak, IMHO.
got pics?

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Sorry- its not taking pictures well because its noon here, and very, very bright

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I'd do the BM Could to go with the uppers.

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BM Cloud would be my choice too

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I would paint them the same color as the cabinets since they butt right up against them.

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Bumping for the new info! :)

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The paint color looks so different just between your two pictures. No one here can tell you how it'll look on the wall. I'd say get some posterboard and cut it to fit between your counter and cabinets, and paint it with your proposed color to see what you think. Or, if you can get a good shot of a larger amount of your kitchen from further away, perhaps someone here (or over on Home Decorating) can help you envision some different color options using Photoshop.

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You might also want to start a new thread with a different title ("what color to paint kitchen?" or something), because a different set of users might hop into a thread like that who won't see this one due to its current title.

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