Low water pressure - pressure regulator correctly installed?

piscesgirlJuly 4, 2012

We have been dealing with low water pressure in our house since we purchased it. Long story made short - we had a plumber out and we ended up having to have our entire meter box and everything in it replaced. The meter is buried at the curb and the box failed and was filled with water! The plumber set the pressure on the new pressure regulator. I am not sure what psi he set it to. At first the water pressure felt great because we were used to horribly low water pressure, but now we just got back from staying at a friends house from out of town and now realized our pressure is still low in comparison.

Our house is up on a hill and was built in 1976. I believe we have old copper pipes. Meter is down at the bottom of the hill at the street/curb. According to the water company the water at the fire hydrant in our cul-de-sac is over 100psi (can't remember exact number).

QUESTION: Should we have installed the pressure regulator at the meter or at the house? (We are responsible for the pipes from the meter to the house)

If we are loosing pressure going up the hill to the house should we instead have the pressure regulator at the house so the pressure coming to the house is higher? Or should we keep the pressure regulator at the curb and set it higher (what psi?) and then install a second pressure regulator at the house to insure that the pressure at the house is appropriate?

Also what psi is too high? Obviously the psi at the curb is not what the psi is at the house or in our second story bathroom. In theory can we set the psi a the curb at 80psi in order to still obtain 40 at our second story shower (considering we are going up a hill and up to the second story)?

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What is the vertical rise from the meter box to the house?

What is the diameter of your water supply line from the meter to the house?

What is the physical length of your water supply line from the meter to the house?

how many bathrooms do you have?

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You can purchase a pressure gauge that will attach to a hose bib from HD or Lowes. Get one and measure your pressure at the house.

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For every 10 feet of elevation gain, you will lose about 4.3 PSI. This does not include any other losses such as fittings or pipe losses.

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