Please Help with Lost Pet!

gracie-2006October 6, 2010

Please let me know the best search procedures when a pet runs away. My neighbors beautiful Great Pyraneese got out this morning and ran away. She immediately started after her. She could not keep up with her and now it has been 3 hours with no luck. They have contacted the city animal shelter, and alerted animal control. They are going to post signs and an add in the local newspaper. Any other ideas???? I feel so badly for them. I wish they had an Amber Alert on the news for lost pets! She did not have a collar on because she is an indoor dog!

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I would have as many people as possible walking the neighborhood with a leash in hand and a couple of treats to lure the dog to you if you spot him. A couple of drivers for areas further away would be good, also with leashes and a few treats.

This is an excellent reminder that dog's need all ID on their collars at all times - for exactly this reason. Dogs don't know they are "inside dogs" - they only know that the door prevents them from being explorers. For many, once the door is open, their sense of adventure kicks in and there is an overpowering urge to run and explore.

Tags at all times.

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Surely a large white dog like a Pyreneese would not go unnoticed roaming a neighborhood. Hopefully, someone has her safely in their home - someone honest that is -and they are waiting for you or a searcher to knock on their door.

Wishing your neighbor good luck, post updates if you can.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Get on Craigslist for your city and post on Lost and Found. Lots of people follow that and could help to find the dog. Post a picture if you can. Good luck.

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Call the local vets unless you live in a metropolis and tell them to be on the lookout. Frankly with a more unusual breed this could be useful. It doesn't hurt to post a note on their bulletin boards in the waiting room, if they have one. Some radio stations run a lost pets blurb on their public service announcements, and some areas have free weekly merchandise papers and they'll post lost pet info for free.

I have never had a pet chipped until I got this last one from the shelter. I am now convinced this is a good idea whose time has come. I am not on the national service, but my vet and the shelter have the chip on record with my contact info.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Yes, calliope, my newest dog is chipped too. I wasn't sure it was really needed, but it was easy to do while she was being spayed so I went for it. And just this morning a neighbor came by walking his usual dog and a new dog as well. A beautiful big black lab retriever setter mix that he found. No collar or tags. He was going to take her to the vet this morning to see if she is chipped. I checked Craigslist for our area, but no dog meeting that description. She is a beauty and I think he may keep her if he can't find her owner.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Big signs up at every street corner will help tremendously.
It has for me once, anyway.

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Thank you all! I just saw my neighbor and still no news. I suggested Craigs List as well. Newspaper adds will be out. It is really bothering me for the family. I will keep you posted!

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You said "Newspaper adds will be out"

Not so. Most newspapers run lost pet ads for free.

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contact all of the mail carriers within a few miles and ask them to keep a look out, give them a cell phone number to contact if they spot her. i've known several lost pets returned to their owners because they were spotted by mail carriers.

good luck, hope they find her safe and sound!

jean, i think the OP meant that newspapers ads would be "out", as in put in the paper. :)

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Oh Yes- I meant the ads will be put "out" in the paper for the lost dog. Thank you ninapearl, I did not know what jean meant. Great ideas- I will tell my neighbor about telling the mail carriers as well.

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Call all vets, groomers, pet stores, kennels, dog trainers, dog clubs, shelters, pounds, rescues, and law enforcement within AT LEAST a five mile radius. Give them all a thorough description of the dog. Better yet, visit every single one of them and hand them a flyer with photo and full description of the dog. Put posters with photo up at all laundromats, grocery stores, pet stores, veterinary offices, and farm/feed stores within AT LEAST a five mile radius. Personally visit every shelter, rescue, and pound every single day to check for the dog . Do NOT trust what the phone receptionist says at these rescues/shelters/pounds. Animals come and go from these facilities so quickly that the phone receptionist often doesn't know what animals are present at any given time.

Dogs can easily run AT LEAST five miles from home, so it's very important to widen the search and notification area at least that far, if not farther.

I hope your friends find their dog soon.


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Post pictures every place you can within a short distance of where she ran from. We had this happen with a pure bred Boston terrier. We posted pictures and handed out pictures with the words "LOST DOG-BIG REWARD" and our phone number. I figured that if someone who might consider keeping and selling our pup (or even just keeping him) saw this flier, they would call for the reward. Sure enough, the next day, we got a call. Someone actually saw him in our yard, called him and put him in their car, thinking he was "a stray" (yeah, right!). When we picked him up, she said that she saw our flier at the post office when she was getting her mail...and good thing because "several people she knew wanted Boston Terriers!"

I believe that without the "Big Reward" on there, she would have sold him to someone. It was easier to just call us and get her "big reward". We paid $100 to get our pup back but it was worth it. Even if he had been chipped , which he wasn't yet...he was very would not have mattered.

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I saw on your other post that the dog was found -- such good news!

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