Coir-Style Waterhog Mat? Anyone have this

LybanMarch 4, 2014

I am looking at this model water hog mat, does anyone on here have experience with it.
It would be for outside front door, snowy climate.

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I don't have one, but they sell them at LL Bean, and there are 2 reviews there. You may have seen them but I have linked them below. Their non-coir ones get great reviews.

Here is a link that might be useful: Durable Coir-Style Waterhog Mat

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Thanks, my 3 dogs.
I have seen them on llbean and was thinking of ordering but wanted opinions from others.
I know they only have 2 reviews compared to others but this model is relatively new in comparison so wondered if maybe that was the reason.
The others to me look like what I would call indoor mats and I want one to hold up outsides with snow, salt and water.
Any one have any do the models thst they use outside.

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While I was Googling the coir ones, I found that LL Bean had several coir that they no longer carry. On their 'Waterhog' page, I saw that you could filter by many options and one of them was 'outdoor', which brought up several, although their 'name' doesn't always have 'outdoor' in it.

I'd call their great customer service people and see if they can tell you which ones may be good outside, since non-coir ones have wonderful reviews and LOTS of them. They all say that they can be hosed off, so I think there may be more types that would work for you. Good luck!

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I have two of the waterhog just inside the entry, and one at the kitchen sink. I don't think that they absorb water any more than any other kind of rug, I bought them for the color, lol!

I haven't had a chance to hose them down, so I don't know how well they come clean, although I do vacuum them. Tried to sweep them clean, but there's too many ruts/grooves for that. The backing on them is too heavy to just throw into the washing machine, so if the weather ever warms up, I'd like to bring them outside to clean them.

I also imagine that mine could go outside in front of the door too, just haven't tried that yet. Maybe when I get tired of them being indoors, I will !

Here is a link that might be useful: Water-hog mats

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