Which Blue Pearl? Time to chose...

dgormishMarch 8, 2014

I went out to the slab yards to pick out my blue pearl granite countertop. DH is set on Blue Pearl because he likes the color and to offset the white cabinets. The first store (where we had seen it originally) had blue pearl slabs but it was lacking blue irisation! I was so disappointed. I did find two stores with a lovely blue pearl. So now I have to decide between a "regular" blue pearl that had a nice amount of blue irisation and a silvery cast to it and blue pearl GT which has quite a bit of blue irisation but with gold as well.

All the other blue pearl I had seen had silver so I was designing most of the rest of the kitchen with that in mind. But I really liked the gold too when I saw it. Will having a bunch of silver appliances, faucet, lights, etc. and gold in the countertop work? I have this blue flower design for the backsplash. I was going to use it with a field tile in light blue? Would that still work? Should I change out the field tile color? Just not sure how to make the gold work in the kitchen now.

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"regular" BP which looks more silver (rather than brown) than you see here.

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Another "GT" photo.

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Here is my opinion, and ONLY my opinion:

If this is your forever home, your choice should be exactly what you want. However, if resale is in the future, the less "extreme" or "trendy" finishes are the better the resale value. Granite is, obviously, an expensive decision and it is (for most people) not easily justified, financially, to swap out countertops. If there is any chance you will "outgrow" a blue-er countertop go with something less specific. Something more neutral or adaptable might serve you better down the line.

Please don't take my comments as criticism of your design or personal taste; these are only things I think of when I am considering expensive changes.

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We have blue pearl counters. Definitely no gold in them. In our kitchen the more silver would seem to work better. A lot of people who come over initially think our counters are actually black. They do not seem to be a turnoff at all.

But it's your house, and if you like the GT, go for it.

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We put blue pearl granite tile in our first kitchen remodel (2001 or so) because dh loved it. It had the silver and read kind of like a black granite in a lot of lights. It's hard to capture those subtleties of color in online pictures, but I think I would be inclined to stick with the silver because it sounds like it coordinates with your other selections better.

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We are definitely getting Blue Pearl. It is just a matter of which one. Do you think the silvery one is more classic? We will be in this house for several years. I can't say forever but at least 5 more years and probably more.

The kitchen is transitional style with white shaker cabinets. I have worried the kitchen would be too "cool" and maybe the gold would warm it up a bit. I could probably do a cream backsplash instead of light blue. Just not sure how to make it all work if I was to go with the golder one.

Honestly, I would be happy with either one. I guess that's the nice thing about it.

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The blue pearl on the right looks pretty with the tile. The other looks very similar to the sapphire blue granite I am having installed. Enjoy whatever you choose.

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Okay, I am finally understanding the distinctions! Glaring in the photos made me more confused, too.

So you are asking between a golder-toned BP and a more silver-toned BP? If that is the case I vote for the silver. It looks like it will play off your tile a lot better. Certainly cooler, but you can warm up the space with accessories like baskets or burlap.

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