My cat keeps peeing on my pillows :S

amykarissaOctober 20, 2011

i have 5 cats living in the same house together. 3 Females and 2 males. They all get along fine.

Every so often one of the males pees on my pillow...usually when im in the room. We used to have a major peeing problem with him until we got him fixed and then for the most part it stopped aside from the occasional pillow pee.

Last night he did it and then again today.

Does anyone know what could be causing this. The litter boxes are fine.

We recently started layng hardwood in our condo and we are going room by room but the first room has been finished for about a week and a half and we have yet to start any of the other rooms. I thought maybe that was stressing him out but why wait untill after we are done? :s

Help please!! hes ruining my bed :(

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Sorry to hear that- I happen to be shopping for a new bed and know what those things cost.... ugh.

It could be there is still some remaining residue of old pee which you cannot smell? In that case it would not be a matter of him seeking out the pillow to pee on, just him happening to be there and smell the pillow and realize he had to pee. Cats really do operate a lot by smell. But now it seems to be increasing, correct? How many litter boxes do you have and is it possible to keep him and the others out of the room? Have you used enzyme cleaners to clean the pillow (nature's miracle, just for cats, etc.)

My old girl was peeing because of kidney problems and also being upset about new cats in the house - Feliway helped a lot in that regard, that and keeping her box 100% scrupulously clean.

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Inapproprite elimination is the first and major sign of bladder infections, which should be addressed by a vet and antibiotics.

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Previous posters have valid points.

It is also quite possible that he is upset because of the recemt remodeling, even though it is finished.

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it could be a dominance thing he's doing. Or he could be ticked off at something

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My cat was peeing on my bed too. Luckily it was made and didn't saturate the mattress. we just washed the covers. I took her to the vet, like everyone says you should, to make sure she was healthy and it wasn't a bladder problem. It was not, the vet said behavioral. So, What I did was confine her to a guest room that had no furniture in it. This guest room is very nice and sunny. I put her litter box and her food in there. I also made sure she had many toys and a cozy bed. Little by little, I let her come out of the room but she was always supervised. Also, I kept ALL the bedroom doors closed (because she had also pee'd on my son's bed). Anyway, eventually I felt she could come out and spend time in other parts of the house but always supervised (at first). She has been very good (keeping fingers crossed) and has not had anymore accidents. Also, I tried that cat calming spray called Feliway. I didn't like the odor of it and it seemed to make her awfully mellow so I discontinued using it. I also made sure she had a clean litter box. So far so good. I personally think that this is a very insecure cat, she was a stray, and she was marking our beds because she was insecure. She is feeling more comfortable now but I'm still keeping the bedroom doors shut because I don't want anymore accidents. Good luck! I think that it's a trial and error situation, you have to work and find out what works with your cat. Oh, also, I still use the guest room for her "bedroom" at night. I just feel better knowing that she's in "her: room and she seems to really like it in there anyway. During the day she has the run of the house but she likes her corner in the guest room and I find her in there sleeping.

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