Iron filter and water softener advice

shrimperjohnJuly 16, 2013

Read several posts on this site and there is certainly a wealth of knowledge here. I have been confused by the glut of information on the internet and from local salesman. Please help.

I have an 11 year old Sears water softener and a "iron filter" of unknown origin and age which was here before we moved in. We replaced the original water softener with Sears one when we moved in. We have well water. The water will occasionally leave rust stains on everything from laundry to toilets. I can get the water back to clear by cycling the water softener two or three times back to back. However, my wife says the water no longer feels "soft" which I think she means it no longer feels slippery to her in the shower. I think both the filter and the softener are done and need replacing.

We have 2.27 mg/L iron, 198 mg/L hardness, pH 7,0, low Iron Bacteria, no E. Coli and no Total Coliform according to the tests results of an independent lab test. nothing else was tested for.

Looking for recommendations.

I would love to have a local company or plumber put something in place for us but can't seem to find one. We live in Wilmington, NC.

One company came out and wanted to do their own water test which I was fine with. I showed him where the well was and the closest hose bib to the pump. He insisted on testing the water inside the house. I don't understand why he wanted to use those test results to treat what was coming out of our well. He came up with a $4700 iron filter and water softener system.

Easy Water wanted us to buy a salt free radio wave system. Sounded like voodoo science.

Pelican recommended a WF10 system.

Home Depot recommended we go to Lowes and Lowes recommended their 44000 softener but didn't have an Iron filter but claimed using the iron fighter salt would take care of our problem.


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