Feral kitty progress

schoolhouse_gwOctober 1, 2011

I don't think I'll be calling her "feral kitty" much longer, more like "my other cat". I've been gradually working up to this point for weeks. She's been coming in tentatively but just on the threshold to be petted and then yesterday and last night came in a little further, wrapping around my legs wanting some attention. The inside door is always open though so she can see the screen door and know she's not trapped. She's probably realizing it isn't so bad to come out of the rain?

This morning I experimented and put the dry food down - she walked over and ate some! This afternoon, just awhile ago, I tried it again with her canned food; and she ate the whole thing. Maybe I won't have to worry about feeding her outside in the wind and snow this winter after all, that was my goal anyway.

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Well things are progressing nicely!
I bet on the cool nights she'll be ready to stay in for you.
Great pics too.

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Sooo great to see! Congrats to BOTH of you :~)

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I took a better photo of her sitting up against the inside door there on the left, but it won't transfer to my computer with the rest of them for some reason. Shows how comfortable she's getting with coming in.

As far as her staying in over night, I suppose I would have to get a litter box. That's something I haven't had for years. Kitty never had one all the time he was growing up and has only made a mistake in the house three or four times in 12yrs. Hard to believe, but true. I'm thinking it's because he's spent so much time outside/inside. What's the chances Pretty would housebreak herself I wonder?

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Pretty is HOME! Those pictures say it all. Cats always use the litter boxes. She will self train if you just show her where it is.

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