Hardware - Preventing Damage to Walls and Gables

Lucybear05March 28, 2013

We are in the final stages of our home construction (about 2 weeks to possession hurrah!) and have run into a snag of sorts in our kitchen. Our home, including kitchen, is quite modern and minimalist. Because of this, every here and there I have opted for something a bit stand-out or ornamental, to relieve from all the plain, clean lines everywhere. Well, our kitchen handles are one of these things. I have picked out quite large handles. They are 1.4" deep (ie. they stick out 1.4" from the cabinet) and they are 9.5" wide. In case anybody cares, they are by Hettich, and are called the "Nubia", and can be found with google in 5 seconds.

We don't have a lot of upper cabinetry to concern ourselves with, because some of our upper cabinetry is flip-up, so the handle isn't ever going to come into contact with anything.

However, we have two sets of double doors, one on either side of our range/oven. We also have one conventional cabinet door to the right of our fridge. One of each of the sets of double doors (the outside door in each case) opens onto a stub wall. The cabinet right beside the fridge opens onto the gable beside the fridge.

I am very concerned about damage to my walls and the gable. How do people deal with this? I can just see that within 2 months of moving in the handles are going to have banged up the walls and the gable.

In respect of the gable, our cabinetry guy suggested we reverse the swing. But I think that will be fully annoying. And we can't do this where the double doors open on each side of the range...


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Is the problem because you want them horizontally mounted? We had one cabinet next to the fridge with that problem and mounted it vertically. I stopped noticing it after the first week . If you do this on both sides of the range it will look symmetrical.

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You place a filler (and filler overlay) between the cabinet and wall, or cabinet and tall object. Or, you use door swing limiters to keep the doors from swinging open so wide. Or, you change the hinges out to a more restrictive opening type.

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Just a comment - do you have any drawers in the lower cabinets in corners?

When you pull one out, it has to clear the hardware on the adjacent bank of cabinets.

For example - my lowers in a corner. You can see how they would interfere with each other if the hardware extended too far off the drawer fronts.

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Oh - and for what its worth - you can see how the all glass upper door on the left would hit the gable beside the fridge.

We put those little clear adhesive rubber bumpers in a couple places like that where the knob on the door would strike the gable.

There's also one on the range hood, as the door itself can swing open and hit it. You hardly notice them - if you didn't know they were there, you'd probably not notice them. And I find that when something serves a purpose, it never appears out of place no matter how visible it might be. If something 'makes sense' your mind interprets it as-such and it 'looks good'.

This is why so many people find true restaurant kitchens attractive - it's simply because they're pure function - everything has a purpose and 'makes sense' hence it 'looks good'.

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You can use cabinet door restraints to limit the swing of the door. See the attached link.

Here is a link that might be useful: cabinet door restraint

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