Which color is less peachy- BM's blond wood or everlasting?

sis2twoMarch 10, 2014

I am looking at two colors for my foyer, mudroom, and upstairs hallway. Because I have several different colors throughout my home, I would like to use one color in the above mentioned areas for consistency. This is my issue. My mudroom has a peachy beige tile so some colors that I would normally look at just don't work with that tile. So I have found blond wood which works with my tile and everlasting which I also think could work. Do any of you have experience with either of these colors? Would love to go with whichever one that is less peachy. Currently I have a color that is similar to sepia tan which is very peachy which I have had for six years. Thank you,

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Annie Deighnaugh


Blonde Wood

Blonde wood looks more peachy...at least on line it does.

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Everlasting is the best choice, I would think.

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I have used everlasting in a few spaces and I don't find that it's peachy at all. You can see a tiny bit of it here in a pic I took a while ago when choosing a new stair runner.

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Thanks to all of you for chiming in. Blond wood is definitely out because although it looks fine with the tile, I don't want anything that leans peach or orange. I may just have to use different colors in the two areas. That darned peach tile! Anyway, I love the everlasting and muslin which is the lighter shade on the same strip. If the muslin will work with the tile, that may be the way that I go. I'm at that point that I want to start lightening some areas in my home. Thanks again for your help!

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