Showerhead Drip...recently developed

ontherocksJuly 23, 2010

Within the past month or so, I have noticed that my shower head has been dripping non-stop. The knob is a single type (the lift and turn type for lack of a better definition) and I have ensured it is turned all the way off. I have gone as far as removing the knob and making sure there was nothing that could have blocked the stop, preventing it from turning all the way off. I've also replaced the shower head with a new one...still dripping..

What would be causing this?

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The valve is leaking. Fix it or replace it. Or hire someone to do it for you. Some valves have fixable/replaceable guts. Some don't.

The shower head itself has nothing to do with it.

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I would strongly lean towards fixing it. Start by finding out what brand it is, then call the mfr. and request the replacement parts. Many have a lifetime warranty so they should be free. If you can't wait, just hire someone. They can probaly buy the parts locally.

Moen and Delta parts are easy to get. I recently had to repair an American Standard shower valve and had to order the parts from the mfr. (free, but still had to wait).

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Well it was the valve (or cartridge as I have since learned is the proper name) causing the leak. I went with a replacement vs trying to repair it. A quick run to the local HomeDepot and 15-minutes more leak.

Thank you for the insight and guidance.

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Whoa, success!

thanks for coming back and telling us about it.

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