Flushing (yecch) dead mice downt the toilet?

newhomeowner-2009July 31, 2010

So I have a kind of disgusting question: is there a problem with flushing dead mice down the toilet if you have a septic system? I read on the Internet that it's not a good idea. No problem with clogging the toilet, by the way, as water pressure is pretty strong.

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Put the mice in the garbage.

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Why not the toilet? In the city, at least, it's the traditional mode of mouse disposal. I must admit I'm a new homeowner (as my handle indicates).

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Septic systems don't particularly like hair, or bones. Hair floats, which can eventually clog up a drain field. Bones don't get eaten by bacteria very well, so add solids to your tank. The occasional mouse is not going to kill your septic, but best not get in the habit of just throwing everything in it.

In the city, lots of stuff goes down the drain that shouldn't because everyone thinks the treatment plant can just take care of it, resulting in more difficult treatment and higher cost for everyone, but since it always feels like it is not your problem, everybody does it. When it is a septic, the buck stops with you - best not to abuse it.

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As a general rule, nothing goes down a septic that hasn't gone through you first, except for toilet paper.

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Are you talking about many mice per day or a couple of times a month? And what's the matter with the trash? Seems like a really small consideration to me.

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Yeah, I'm just really nauseating by mice, that's the thing, and unfortunately we don't have trash collection, so the idea of hauling rotted carcasses to the transfer station kind of grosses me out.

On the other hand, I guess I could do what I did initially, which is just to toss 'em into a nearby overgrown field. Hey, we have quite a few garter snakes crawling around (bless their hearts), which I imagine could take care of 'em.

What I really should do is focus on attracting more garter snakes to the house. I don't mind snakes but mice, for some reason, give me the willies.

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Buck up! It's a mouse, for heaven's sake. Throw it in the bushes -- or whatever. This is a really small deal!

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Don't want to leave it outside to be eaten, if it died from poison.

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Have it autopsied first.

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Put it in a plastic bag and seal the bag, then put it in the trash. Double-bag, if it makes you feel better.

I guess you could always give it a funeral and burial. :)

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