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kitchenkrazed09March 19, 2012

Hi Redroze,

I don't know if you still visit this forum, but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions about which grout and sealer you used on your gorgeous backsplash.

I think I read you used Polyblend Bright White? Which sealer did you use and does it work well? Do you find that the grout still looks very white or has it yellowed or discolored at all? Did you have to seal each grout line individually or did you go over the tile as well? Was the tile okay if the sealer got onto it?

Also, did you use sanded grout? I read a review that the Polyblend sanded Bright White actually has a beige sand mixed into it, instead of white. Did you notice this as well and did it affect the color of the grout?

Sorry for the barrage of questions. Any help is appreciated!

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Redroze has a newish little baby and has only popped in once or twice in the past year or more. She's not a regular anymore. :(

You might try to email her through her GW contact page, or through her blog. There might be a contact email there also.

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Thanks, Breezygirl. I did try her email, but then thought maybe she didn't receive it. I'm sure she's very busy. Maybe I'll stop pestering her! ;)

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Hey there! Sorry for the ubber and embarassingly late reply. I happen to have more free time on my hands now that I'm on mat leave. Did you get the response you wanted?

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Here are my attempts to answer...

Yes I did use Polyblend bright white. I don't know the sealer as the tile guy used it. The grout is still very very white..I'll post a pic for you. It's always been slightly off-white but not in a distracting or noticeable way. Since 2008 we have not sealed it at all! The tile was totally done by our tile guy and I can tell you he was slow and meticulous. So I'm not sure about his technique.

Um...the unsanded grout I believe but I can check for you.

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Ok now I'm embarassed...this post was from 2012! Lol...any old timers around? My kitchen was done in 2008.

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Hi redroze!!! I'm still around--I'm still a sucker for kitchen and bathroom renovation pics, and love playing voyeur with the home dec pics posted here!

How's life been treating you?

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I'm still around too, great to see you back! Your kitchen is still one of my very favorites. :)

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Hey catmom, life's great! On mat leave with baby 2 so I have more time, and various projects. Are you still in the same home? You wouldn't be the same catmom on pricescope? Her jewelry is ah-ma-zing.

Xc60 I don't recall your name you have a finished kitchen?

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Another baby--wow! I think I remember when you told the GW'ers that you were having or had just had baby #1. Congrats!!!

I'm not the catmom on pricescope, but I am in the same house that I was in when we first "met." :). We actually finally finished renovating the last of the rooms in the house last spring--the master bedroom (incl. my very own walk-in closet, built by DH (!) and the spare/exercise bike room (in the adj room). I want to hang just a few more things on various walls, but we consider the interior to be pretty much done! Hooray!

All the outside stuff (landscaping, new driveway, etc)......that's another story!

What other projects are you involved in?

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Hijacker here. Just googled your kitchen Redroze and its' gorgeous. What is your countertop? I couldn't find an answer that question.

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Hi again, never mind, I found the answer in the finished kitchens blog ;-). Great kitchen!

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Hi redroze... congrats on your sweet new addition!

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Living room wall unit, decorating the living and dining rooms, laundry room...we did the backyard a few years ago. Tons and tons of stuff!! I love your kitchen and am glad you're still in the same home. I only asked as I noticed that beekeeperswife has a new home, and i was like - have I been gone that long??

Lesmobo - Bianco Antico granite. Ironically I dream of changing it. Lol

Thanks remodelfla! Love having two, it's so so awesome.

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Thank you red. :) It took us 14 1/2 years to renovate/decorate this place. I am not moving anywhere (not willingly!) for a good long time--I hope!

Saw your wall unit/LR on your your blog yesterday. Very, very nice! I especially like the black/dark wall (check out my FR reno on PB!)!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: cat_mom's Family Room

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Hi Redoze, yes we did finish our kitchen in 2012, we have now sold that house and are building again. Should be in end of March.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here was my finished kitchen reveal

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Catmom that looks incredible!!! You certainly got the same idea I had, which is that dark brick or wood looks really masculine and sleek. I love it.

Xc60 - sooo nice!! I remember your kitchen but don't remember your name. Looks great! Makes me realize that Bianco Antico is showstoppingly nice.

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Thanks again red!!! Not surprising that we'd have some similar ideas, considering that your kitchen (and bathrooms) was always one of my favorites! Oh, and don't change your kitchen granite BTW--I do like the kitchens I've seen posted with marble, but yours is sooooo striking, and really works well, especially with that sexy fireplace/built-in wall you have there!!!

In our FR, when DH nixed covering the brick wall with sheetrock (he just didn't want to do all that work after all the time he'd put in on the bathroom construction), we knew we'd still want to paint it at least. The idea of painting it the same cream color as the other walls just didn't thrill me. I had an "epiphany" of sorts and just decided it had be black. We had to embrace it, and accentuate it, instead of pretending it would just blend in by painting it the same color as the rest of the room (which we knew it wouldn't).

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