Cat's increased appetite

lily316October 5, 2011

Normally I wouldn't worry but wonder if this is a problem. Phoebe was born April 2001 and I adopted her Sept 2001. She has always been very healthy and weighs exactly what she has always weighed ,around 10 pounds. She cleans up her wet food in the morning and looks for more and eats dry off and on all day. Since she is at a perfect weight for her stature(unlike corpulent Henry at 24 pounds)I wasn't concerned but wondered if I should be.

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We've had 3 with increased appetite, but also other symptoms, such as scruffy coat, weight-loss, muscle wasting. 2 had hyperthyroid, and one had cancer. Since your Phoebe is not losing weight and, presumably, looks well and healthy, hopefully it's just something minor and nothing to worry about.

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If there is a change in eating habits, take your cat to the vet and get a complete check up. Sometimes the first symptom is appetite changes with nothing else noticable. In any case, early detection is best.

Phoebe can be considered a senior feline and should have annual senior check ups to ensure the rest of her years are as healthy as possible.

I'm speaking from experience, having cats live 18 and 21 years.

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Any changes in appetite are worthy of a vet visit and diagnostics.

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I'm thinking it might be hyperthyroidism or diabetes. She has not lost weight, eats all the time, but doesn't drink more than usual. Eyes are clear and bright and she also is very vocal but then she has always been. She's from a feral colony but gotten as a young kitten along with three siblings. She was fostered with a brother. She had a twin sister which is where I saw them at Petsmart. They were identical and one lady and I were watching them play. Rescuers wanted them to go together but each of us wanted only one. It was hard to pick since they were identical in looks and manner. Look like Russian blues although they are not. Brothers were tigers. A month later the vet called and asked about my kitten and said her twin had feline leukemia although they were both tested when they were fostered. The whole colony was tested and only two had it and not their mother. I took her in and she was negative. That was 10 years ago and she has been super healthy, never throws up even hair balls.Her fur is not as shiny as it was last winter, but she had a few flea bites and got scabs on her neck. She gets feline dermatitis. And all my pets have been Frontlined regularity all summer but it still happened. But I will be taking her to the vet next week for an exam.

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