Kitchen Layout - Looking for Opinions

mc87yanksMarch 20, 2013

Hey GW community! I've been browsing these forums religiously for the two years since we purchased our first home. We've completed a lot of our big projects already, but it's finally time to deal with the kitchen so I thought it was finally time to join the forums..

I have an architect friend who worked up the attached layout for us, which includes completely relocating all services, appliances, windows, etc. as well as building a dining area out of the back 10' of the garage.

I've seen great layout advice provided throughout the forum, and I was hoping to get some opinions on the general layout of the kitchen, as well as a few ideas we are still bouncing around.

The first idea that we are still unsure of is going with a stainless steel farmhouse sink. The cabinets will be shaker style white cabinets, with most likely a white marble top. The floors will be a dark hardwood. With the very light nature of the room, I think the stainless sink would provide great contrast, I'm just concerned that will be too much in that 5' space we have to work with.

Another issue is the lighting over the peninsula. I love the Benson pendants from Restoration Hardware and have seen similar styles in smaller sizes, but will they be too much for the room? Should we go with pendants at all with our 8 foot ceilings? We definitely want a sight line between the kitchen and the dining room, so if we went with them we would only have them hang approximately 24".

The last item we go back and forth on daily is the exterior door. I love the idea of a sliding glass door, but I'm concerned it will take up too much of the "dining" area and will make the table look like it is too large.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. I'll be filing the permits this week, so we're starting to get pretty excited with the idea of the project being just around the corner. Thanks in advance for all of your help!

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That DW is going to trap you at the sink while you are loading dishes, and looks like it will hit or almost hit the open range door. This is also very much a one-butt kitchen. I would prefer to see the DW next to the sink and swap the peninsula for a square-ish island, but I don't know if you have room for that.

Also, I would just put a bench against the right wall of the DR and have chairs around the rest; ie, skip the L-shaped banquette. If that room is 10" wide top to bottom and you use a 36" wide table, you will have 42" from the table to the wall on the top and bottom sides. That's enough room for someone in a chair in the inner corner to get out without the others getting up. However, if you keep the L-shape, anyone sitting in that corner is going to have to scoot a long way to get out - not to mention the the people sitting next to him that have to get out to let him out.

Also, it's against code in many areas to have an out-swing exterior door. Make sure you check that.

The image is small and I can't read the measurements. Please post a bigger picture or all measurements including doorways, windows, the jog created by the jog, etc.

Sorry to post nothing but criticisms, but making tweaks on paper is free, right? :) As for the items you actually requested input on:
1) I think a stainless apron sink will look great, but I'm putting one in myself so am a little biased
2)I like the Benson pendant, but I have 8' ceilings and personally put in lantern pendants with glass over a solid mass pendant. This gives the pendants a lighter feel and they do not block my view. They also cast some pretty cool shadows on the ceiling. The bottom of my pendants hang about 24" from the ceiling - it's perfect.
3)I would probably not switch that exterior single door to a double slider. You won't have room for treatments on either side if you need them (a single swing door can have a roman shade, a slider needs drapes), and it just looks too big. I would be more inclined to make it a full glass single door PLUS put in a wider, counter height window over the sink. You would delete some or all uppers on the sink wall - I'd let the uppers on the range wall die into the top wall (ie, not turn the corner to continue onto the sink wall), and narrow the upper to the right of the sink. To make up for a bit of the storage lost, you could bring what's left of the right upper all the way down to the counter, which is a nice look.

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This is just my own personal experience, not a criticism of your very nice plan...

I have the kitchen visible, directly across from the front door right now, and I do NOT like it. If there are any dirty dishes or mess of any kind, it's the first thing you see as you walk in.

Would you consider putting the dining table where you have the kitchen (with slider behind it) and moving the kitchen to the area, behind the garage? You could put the dishwasher next to the sink...and for more privacy, you could have sliding pocket doors (or barn style doors) that close for more 'fancy' dinners. Just an idea :)

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Thank you both very much for the feedback. I had not thought at all about the dishwasher placement being an issue, I'm thinking now that moving it to the end of the peninsula would be the smart move.

I've thought about putting the kitchen where the dining table is, but I don't want to have to bring all of the utilities through the foundation wall between the existing kitchen and the garage.

I also would like to keep the dining area as narrow as possible while still making it comfortable. For that reason I doubt we will put in bench seating and will make the room 9' wide. With a 42" table, that gives me 2' 9" on either side of the table. Is that enough?

I've attached a cropped version of the plan, hopefully it is more legible.


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Actually, I really like the banquette seating area! It's cozy and will seat a lot more people (especially kids) than a smaller table and chairs.

That back wall to the garage would be a great place to put something really special. Maybe some great art or a bead board wall with chair rail and pictures/photos above?

The dishwasher placement is fine, IMHO, since this is basically a one cook kitchen. Anyone else can sit at the stools and help from that side :)

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I don't think I'll be able to afford the additional cabinetry for the window seating right now, and if we don't do it now I'm sure it will stay as just a long dining room table with chairs.

My thought process is also that if I make the room wide enough for chairs on both sides, I can always add the bench seat later and have an increased lane on the opposite side of the table.

Do you think that pendants on that peninsula will take up too much space in such a small kitchen? I obviously don't want the eye to simply be completely drawn to the lights as you walk into the room.

Thanks for all of the suggestions.

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I think pendants are fine, but it is hard to say for sure without seeing the other finishes in the room. What I would consider is losing the peninsula seating and moving it over by that one foot. You have plenty of seating right there. Not every kitchen has room for stools at an island or peninsula. No offense to your friend, but architects have been trained to put them into every space because so many people don't think about function first and often the clients demand them because that is what they see in big, fancy kitchens. Your actual kitchen space is very small. I would think you'd want as much additional room as possible. A comfortable overhang should really be 15" at counter height anyway, so you don't even have truly functional seating there.

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Removing the seating portion of the island is a really good idea that I hadn't thought of at all. I was planning on pushing the peninsula out an extra 6" to make that dimension 5' 6". Will the change be that dramatic from 5' 6" to 6' 6" to make it worth losing the seating? I can always extend the counter another 3" to make that a 15" overhang.

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Not one of the experts here, but our space is a pretty similar size.

If you don't want to build in cabinets for a bench, you can get some settees or upholstered standalone benches that serve a similar purpose. If you do go for bench, make sure you allow space for a sloped back. The table can actually overlap by up to 3 or 4" inches. There is a very helpful older thread on planning banquette designs. Either way, you have enough depth to do either a table or a banquette.

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I think you'd really notice an extra foot on the sink wall! My U kitchen is 10 feet wide, and while it certainly isn't huge, 9' would feel cramped.

Eliminating the seating on the peninsula would allow easier access to the back of the corner cupboard. With your eating area so close, you really don't need the seating at the peninsula.

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The more I look at the kitchen as it is now, the more I think that 5' is way too narrow. Frankly, I'm concerned that it's going to look like we tucked the kitchen up against the back wall while the dining area has a lot of space. Thank you all so much for the insight, now I just have to sell it to my wife!

One of my ideas is to move the cabinet to 6' 3", and then add a 9" deep bookshelf along the entire backside of the peninsula. This way my wife can put picture frames and nick-nacks there, while keeping it from looking like just the back of the cabinet. If we go custom cabinets, I could just have them built onto the back of the cabinets. I might have to shorten the peninsula to 7'3" to allow the same access around the tip, but those extra 3" won't even be noticed.

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Your layout is so similar to what I originally had except I had the DW next to the sink; I couldn't get a 12" overhang that way, however, for the peninsula and really wanted to have some countertop space for my kids to sit at, so we switched to an island. I still love the U shape, however.

My thoughts about the DW is that when you're cleaning out the sink it's really handy to have it right next to you, not to have to walk or turn around to put glasses and plates in. Also, is it going to cost more to run the plumbing over that way? One reason to have sink and DW right next to each other is because of the plumbing.

Where is your trash can, BTW? And where would you be bringing the trash to -- the garage or out back? THink about that in terms of walking around the peninsula.

I love the banquette. I wanted a big L or U one too but we don't have a deep enough space so we're just doing one built in bench in a nook.

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Can you post the original layout of the home, and then the layout of the entire proposed addition? I'm sorry, but I'm thinking that you are getting ready to spend a lot of money to relocate all of your services and to add on, but you're not getting much for your money. The kitchen and dining room are both cramped and won't function well for family living. They'd be fine for a single cook and a spouse, but when you don't have room for kids to get out from a seated position at the table and go to the bathroom, then your addition is too small.

I think that you can do a whole lot better than this plan.

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This is our existing kitchen floorplan. To keep it short and sweet, we are relocating the basement stairs into a corner of the living room to gain that space. We are converting the back 9-10' of the garage into the eat in area with the table. I can move all of the doors and windows besides the door to the garage.

I am open to any and all suggestions regarding layout. This is not our long term house, we will probably live here for another 7-8 years. I don't want to spend $25k on a kitchen area that will work for us but not potential buyers.

Thanks for all the input!

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After reading GreenDesigns comment, I've been trying to go through as many different ideas as I can come up with, but the only truly different floorplan I can come up with would be to put the kitchen in the back of the garage.

Besides the plumbing issues this would present, I also wonder if the space would look tight as well with just 5' between the cabinets in a U shape there.

Below is a plan of the kitchen with the seating removed and the space being increase to 6' 6" inside the "U".

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Come on guys, don't leave me hanging now! :)

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

mc87yanks, you sound desperate, so I'll throw in my 2cents worth. If you eliminate the peninsula and locate the DW beside the sink, you'd have the same appliance layout as my 13.5x13.5 kitchen. Even our entries are in the same locations.

I have a 3x5 moveable* island, with only 36"-40" clearance on three sides, so that may not be adequate for you, but I think you should consider an island, rather than the peninsula. In your plan, if one enters from the back door, he has to walk all the way around the peninsula to access the sink--with an island there's a straight shot to the sink. Same thing with someone coming from the dining area. While dirty dishes can be loaded onto the counter above the DW, one still has to walk around the peninsula to get to the sink. Maybe it's not a dealbreaker, but it will be more convenient to have the DW next to the sink.

An island will add a degree of protection for the range, and you can still have seating if you don't have full depth cabinets underneath. We have a bench that fits completely under the island, to clear the walk-way when we entertain. Stools that fit completely under the counter would also work.

My kitchen has a wall of cabinets, located where your plan is marked with the dotted line between your kitchen and dining area, and my DR would be at the bottom of your plan, but I think (with an island) your kitchen would function much the same.

Oh, BTW, I have a SS farmhouse sink (33" boat). Love it!

*In theory the island can be moved--it's not cleated to the floor. But it's heavy and has a marble top, so in almost three years it hasn't moved.

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I agree with mama goose. An Island looks like it should fit. I've shown with small stools, but it might look better from the front door to do a small 12 or 15 in deep cabinet with glass fronts for display purposes. You could do a trash pullout in the island across from the dishwasher. put pots and pan next to the trash pull out. You would have one less wasted corner space that you have in the peninsula. Not to mention better flow in and out of the kitchen.

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mc - I am not an expert but I do have the sink/DW layout (with seating at the peninsula and that part I like) that you are considering and I have to say - I HATE it - and that is being kind. If someone is rinsing dishes at the sink first off they have to move to the far left or else the dishwasher door will not be able to open all of the way. Then when it is open and dh is rinsing and I am loading I have to stretch out over the open dishwasher door to reach into the sink to grab the dishes to put in the dishwasher. Soo sooo soo inefficient and uncomfortable. If you are short - forget it, not going to happen. That layout is truly a 1 person space and makes clean up and prep a 1 person job.

I wouldn't repeat it.

I hope you are able to find something that allows you to get the DW next to the sink (that also allows 2 people to use the sink-one on either side which with the tighter U doesn't work well either).

Sorry it's not more positive or not a solution. I thought I'd share my first had experience with it in hopes that it would at least be food for thought.

Good luck!

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The space behind your garage is almost exactly the same size as my kitchen. I find it incredibly practical and workable. Everything is just a step or two away from each other and I have been able to massive baking binges (e.g., 22 different types of christmas cookies in a 3-day weekend) with room left over.

I don't have kids, so I don't know how they would complicate things.

I cannot post a photo or plan because I am severely technologically challenged and do not any of those things in digital form.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

GreenDesigns asked about the layout of your home. I apologize if I've missed your answer, or if you've already posted that info elsewhere. Where is your main entry? If it's straight across from where your kitchen is drawn, then having the dining area there, and the kitchen behind the garage may be preferable to having your sink and dirty dishes as a focal point. I see that there is currently a dining room to the left, but no access into the kitchen in the new plan. Will that room have another use?

If you aren't having an island, I think the space behind the garage could work--I can imagine a bank of windows letting in a ton of light. Of course, that would mean few upper cabinets, and only you know if that would work for your family. I'm including a link to orchidluvr's kitchen, from the Finished Kitchens Blog. While not exactly a U-shape, it seems similar in size to that space in your plan--and it's gorgeous.

**Edited to add: You might start another thread, asking for pictures of smaller, U-shaped kitchens, for ideas.

**Also, I didn't see anything mentioned about your plans for stove ventilation, other than microwave hood. Having the stove on an outside wall would make venting it much easier.

Here is a link that might be useful: orchidluvr

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Oops, I apologize again! I see from the small plan in your first post that the room to the left is a bedroom that opens onto the kitchen, and that the kitchen will be visible from the front door. I also read that you'd prefer not to run utilities to the space behind the garage.

Expounding on karenseb's plan, another option would be to put your sink on the wall where the stove is drawn, moving the sink closer to the outside wall, with the DW on the left. Put the stove on the outside wall, in line with the front entry, with a nice hood as a focal point. The advantage is, again, the stove being on the outside wall would make it easier to ventilate; the disadvantage is it wouldn't be in as protected a location as before--you would need to make sure that there was a wide enough aisle for good traffic flow to the sink.

And, you'd need a new location for the MW--possibly on a shelf beside the fridge?

Maybe you shouldn't share all my ideas with your architect friend ;).

Edited for sp.

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Just relocate the stairs and open the kitchen to the current DR (that is the room to the left, correct?) with the refrigerator back to back with the closet and relocating the door to the exterior so the cabinets can go all the way across that opening and have a peninsula for seating in the DR. Maybe slightly shift the sink so it's located between the windows, and shift the garage entry to come into the foyer. No need to do a 100K addition, when the 15K worth of stair relocation and another 10K worth of removing walls will solve most of the current kitchen's problems. Especially since you don't plan to stay in the home very long, such an extensive remodel is a money losing proposition.

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Thanks for the input everyone. The room that you are showing as a dining room is actually a bedroom. That would be the preferred layout, but being that the house is only 3 BR/1 BA, I'm not willing to give up a bedroom for eating space. Great minds think alike, as I went over 100 different scenarios using that room as the eat in portion of the kitchen!

Building the eating area into the garage is the compromise that we came up with, as our garage is 30' long, and losing 10' of garage is better than losing a BR. My FIL is a general contractor, so between him and myself, labor is free! (Besides the iPad we will surprise him with!)

I understand all of the concerns regarding the peninsula, but my thought is that no matter what I do, the space is going to be imperfect. As we don't have a dishwasher currently, anything is a huge improvement from what we have now. My thought is that the dishes can be rinsed in the sink, placed on the counter and then put into the DW. The garbage pullout will be directly across from the DW so that should work well. Am I minimizing this concern?

As for having to walk around the peninsula, I see that as a very minor inconvenience that we will get used to. An island concerns me because if we allow for 42" around all sides, I think the room is going to look extremely small.

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Ok, more ideas. Maybe it will spark some inspiration.

More storage in the dining area and easier seating access.

Pony wall next to door to keep things open, but also give you a few inches for outlets. Could skip this.

For some reason I have a hard time imagining how a blank peninsula would be used, but adding a small prep sink gives you two prep areas when needed and keeps most people out of the work areas.

Range/hood opposite entry, windows on each side for more natural light.

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I can't see the rest of the plan to see where things are, but what about something like greendesign's plan with a door in the corner to the garage addition, but make the addition the bedroom?

Or move the kitchen into the bedroom, kitchen becomes eating space, bedroom in the garage addition?

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Mc87yanks, I think karenseb has given you the most functional option with the island and then add a prep sink as has been suggested. This is coming from someone with a small U-shaped kitchen and a peninsula. The difference is that my kitchen has the breakfast table at the end of the open U. However, I do have to walk around my peninsula to use the formal diningroom and would not want to do this on a daily basis. Why don't you poll the kitchen "gurus" on this forum for their opinion as to whether they believe an island would make your kitchen look crowded. They really do know their stuff. You could also try blocking it out in the garage with boxes.
If you do decide to stay with the U but widen the inside to 6'6," I would use a Miele 18" wide dishwasher which would then allow you to put the DW by one side of the sink and still center the sink with the window. The Miele is expensive but is said to hold almost as much as a regular 24" and would make life much easier for you to use a DW.
One final thought, if you really had your heart set on counter stools and do keep the 6'6" wide U, a cabinet could be eliminated at the end of the peninsula and possibly widen the countertop slightly on the inside to allow 3 saddle stools to tuck underneath, one on each side and one at the end. Please see lisa_wi's kitchen reveal to see how she was able to achieve this by adding just the width of a wall stud (5'5"). Her reveal was Sept. 28,12 at 14:12. You could then make up for the lost cabinet storage with a hutch in the dining area as williamsem has suggested. Drawers could be in the base and the uppers used for display.

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I have a similar u-shaped kitchen and it does get to be a drag to walk around the peninsula all the time. I would definitely consider an island instead to improve the flow.

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Ok, same but with an island. I like the island! It looks like you could have drawers in decent locations for storage. Might not need a prep sink, but if you will have helpers it might make sense. It would also let someone clean up and still allow access to water for things like hand washing, prep, etc.

You would have to draw it out on graph paper as I am only so accurate using my finger as a stylus with no grid, but should be close. I'm also not an expert with this stuff, so I could be missing something.

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We have a u-shaped kitchen with the dw not next to the sink. It doesn't bother me at all. I just rinse the dishes, turn a little to the side and load.

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After speaking with the boss, I think that if we stay with the peninsula, we would go with the last layout that I posted. However, all of the concerns you are raising brought me to open up CAD and create a layout with a 4' x 4' island ( 4' x 3' of cabinet, with a 1' overhand).

What do you think? Does this look like a more functional kitchen? I kept a minimum of 3'6 from the cabinets in both directions and kept 4' walkways around the island.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Yes!! Much better, IMO, although I think a deeper overhang would be more comfortable for leg room. Now that we have you (and the boss) considering an island, I think a rectangle might work better, say ap. 5x3.5, long side parallel to the stove. You could have 36" + 24" drawer bases, facing the stove, with the overhang and stools on the dining area side--solid cabinet side would be visible from the front door.

Now, let's talk vented hoods ... ;)

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I'm attaching a pic of my kitchen, since the layout is similar to your island plan. This is the view from my dining area, but would be similar to the view from your front door. Your back door would be where the opening is on the back wall/right. To the right of the opening into my kitchen (foreground) is a shallow pantry, which corresponds to your stairs. On the right wall is an opening to my LR, corresponding to your garage door. As I mentioned above, the kitchen is ap. 13.5x13.5. The island is 3x5, without that little table that I just stuck on there (then never got around to moving), with clearances of 36" on the right, 37" on the left, and 40" between the sink and island.

While not ideal, it works for us. Your clearances seem generous by comparison, but only you know if they will work for you.

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You are going to want 15" of overhang (leg room) for the stools if island is counter height.

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I like the last layout best and agree with mama goose that the island would look nice as a rectangle with a couple seats on the dining room table side. I think the island would look nice also as you enter the front door instead of looking at your sink. Also my aisles are on the smaller side 37 inches counter top to counter top and we are fine so if you need to do a little less than 42 in, I wouldn't worry about it. The space in front of the fridge would probably work better with the 42 inch aisle. If you do seating on the side, allow for extra aisle space for the stools.
Having your dishwasher next to the sink as shown is a big improvement and I think you will actually have more usable cabinet storage.

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I like the last layout you posted. If you arc/arch/curve the countertop on the seating side that you drew, you can get your 15" depth for leg room in the middle of the arc, and curve it to 12" deep on the ends. This will ease the walkway by the stairs, and avoid any bruised hips on either corner but still give you a nice look.

I'd be interested to see it drawn up with a longer island facing the stove as mama goose suggested as well. It's very nice, from a cook's point of view, to have a good length of countertop directly across from the stove. The storage you'd gain under the island right where you need it would be wonderful, as well.

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Attached is a sketch with a 5' x 3' island (12" overhang). I do think the space would likely be much more efficient.


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Curve the seating side like laughable suggested.

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We have an arch/curve on our peninsula and I love it. gives the depth we need for the seating but the room we need on the ends as well.

It starts at 8" on the overhang (on the short side with no seating) and hits 15" in the middle. It's a nice gentle arch - the peninsula is 5'7" wide, arch depth is between 2'10 - 3' 5.5". Fairly similar in dimension to what you are looking at. I can snap a pic if that would be helpful to you.

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Yes, curve it so it goes from 12 to 15" at the center and also add at least a couple more inches space on the side opposite the sink. Think what will be your main traffic aisles, esp. with appliances open and give the extra aisle space to those sides. I have less than 15" at my island, closer to 13.5". You just need to be careful what type of counter stools you choose so they are not too deep. I'd also suggest adding a prep sink in the island since your work triangle will be more efficient that way: refergerator to sink to range.

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Thanks for the island idea everyone, I think we're leaning in that direction. This change brings in a whole bunch of different questions that I want to pick some brains on.

I'm thinking the row of cabinets along the exterior wall will be (L to R) the 12" from the lazy suzan in the corner, an 18" trash can cabinet, 36" sink base, 24" dishwasher, and an 18" base cabinet. Is it a good idea to have trash on one side of the sink and dishwasher on the other?

Next question is access around the island. The 3' 7" between the island and the stove should work well, but what about the 3' on the sink side? Is that going to be a PITA when it comes time to unload the dishwasher?

Does anyone have a farmhouse ss sink next to a dishwasher? I'm concerned it will be too much SS and will look stupid, so I'm thinking undermount if we go with the island. Plus it won't be very visible so it's probably a waste of money if it won't even be seen.

The window over the sink can grow if we go with an island. With a 36" sink base, would a 48" window look too big?


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mama goose_gw zn6OH

No window is too big for a kitchen! :)

You will be doing a lot of prep in that corner between sink and stove, so trash in that location would be optimal.

As I've been making comparisons between our kitchens, I'd try to squeeze a few more inches in between DW and island. My DW opens into the aisle (L), but having the extra few inches in front of the sink is nice. In your case, you won't have to prep over the DW, but trade-off is less room for DW door.

I have a SS sink and a low-end biscuit DW next to each other. Function and budget trumped form, but that honking sink has been the first thing that most new visitors notice (in a good way!) Anyone over 4' tall will see it when he nears the kitchen, even with an island front and center. I found my sink on ebay, clearance price, and it's one of my most favorite (functional) parts of my kitchen. Vented hood and trash pull-out complete the triumvirate.

Edited for sp.

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mc87, I like your last plan best

As someone who has built a L-shaped banquette (each side was almost equal), I suggest you consider WilliamSEM's alteration to the banquette area. I love banquettes, but when there's a crowd, the person at the corner of the L has a hard time getting out. WilliamSEMs alteration would feed my banquette addiction, but keeps it easy on everyone to move around.

And the hutches on either side would look beautiful.

I think there are some pics on Houzz of banquettes like that, and I believe Candace Olsen has done a few just like that.

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I second all of the above by MareLuce, plus would add a shelf above the window to connect the two hutches.

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I like williamsem's hutch/banquette design too, but I think the hutches need to be less deep than the bench. Otherwise, anyone sitting on the bench is going to have a hard time getting out if the table is properly placed, or the table will have to be pushed away from the bench, making it uncomfortably far away for sitting and eating.

I would make the hutches half as deep as the banquette bench - more like bookshelf of upper cabinet depth from floor to ceiling. I think there was a discussion on this in (one of) 2littlefishies' design/layout threads. She has a round or oval table so she ended up curving the ends of her banquette out past her hutches, but obviously that won't work for a rectangular table.

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