separate pressure regulator for sprinkler?

fenstonJuly 15, 2013

Pressure from the city is 120psi (1" line). I have a single pressure regulator that currently feeds both the house and the sprinkler / outside water. When the sprinkler system and/or outside water is on the pressure noticeably drops inside the house. If I tee off the 120psi line into two pressure regulators I'm thinking that the pressure drop would no longer occur inside the house since that 120psi would feed two 60psi circuits (3/4" line). I suspect I may not be analyzing this correctly which is why I ask. I have to rework the plumbing in that area so researching in advance. Is my thinking here correct? Thanks!

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Your thinking is correct but the pressures sound high.

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Yes - just rechecked my inspection report. Input pressure is between 100 and 110PSI. Was remembering incorrectly.

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you might also think about a PRV with a larger flow rate.

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Investigating a 1" PRV with a higher flow rate to replace the one I have. Any suggested models? It seems like it may be less costly to have two lower flow rate PRVs vs a single higher flow rate PRV.

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