Help with changing my backsplash tile

lburnMarch 12, 2013

I updated my kitchen a few years ago, and was never really happy with my tile. It is almost the same color as my cabinets, and seems very bland to me. My counter top is cambria windsor which I really like. My cabinets are a very warm cream color. I also am not sure whether to do anything over the stove. The tile placement that is currently there I really do not like. Any suggestions?

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Some more pics

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one more, not shown but my walls are saybrooke sage on opposite wall, I'm also trying to get hubby to agree with a new stove, one that does not have a back above the counter top.

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I love your kitchen the way it is. I wonder though if there was a way to put some art work behind the stove? A tiled picture?

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Your kitchen is elegant and beautiful! I don't think it needs any more elements or contrast and wouldn't change a thing, especially behind the range where you already have the hood and the range backpiece taking up space.
.Are you sure you're just not itching for a project? Somewhere else in your home that could use a touch of your good taste? if not, come to my house! :>)

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Maybe a cracked glass subway tile? With a hint of color. Something that will accent some other colors in your kitchen/house.

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I also think your kitchen is very beautiful just the way it is. Very elegant!

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Just my taste -- I agree with you to get a range with island trim (not the tall back), but I wouldn't touch that beautiful harlequin backsplash!

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On my screen it seems that you might have a problem with undertones. Is that why you want to change the backsplash tile? The cabinets a a cream color with vanilla or yellow undertones, and the tile has a pinkish cast to me.

I like your idea of getting a slide-in range with no back panel. Can you watch Craigslist for a while and see what you can sell yours for and see it that helps DH agree to the upgrade? With your kitchen, I see traditional black and white. It makes me want to do a backsplash in white with large black liner and decos.

Since you are not giving us any guidelines, I am going by clues. You have traditional cabinetry, but a frilly glass shade on your pendant lights and some embossed pattern on your apron-front sink. I pulled up your Sayebrook Sage and then went to Pratt and Larson (which I would use in my kitchen if I did not have to answer to a husband and had deep pockets). Hey, you did not give me a budget! Check out how nice their Vineyard tiles would look!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pratt and Larson Vineyard

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Pratt and Larson also has a field tile in a color that goes great with your Saybrook Sage in their New Field Shapes brochure on page 7. See the green? I am trying to post it, but I am not sure I can.

Back to P & L backsplashes since I am spending your money...
Here is Harvest, which has a more yellow/vanilla cast to the white field tiles, and some sage tiles, but nothing to make it look good with your counter tops.

This backsplash has green tones, and wonderful white wrought iron work! Chicago, but it also does not do anything to lend it to go with your counter.

This one, French Quarter, has a dark gray ironwork border that would look good with your counter, but the tile it goes with has a bluish cast that does not go with your Saybrook Sage. If I were you, I would use this one and paint!

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I am not a decorator but your kitchen looks awesome to me. If i were to give any suggestions, i would agree about getting a different stove and maybe putting something creative on the wall behind the stove...

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The tile does look pinkish to me. Make sure its not the lighting doing that.

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If you get a stove without a back, make sure it will work with your existing space. I'm not sure if the counter needs to be cut any different (probably not) for a slide-in vs. a freestanding, since the slide in usually has a ledge that goes over top of the counter. Does that make sense? That said, there are freestanding ranges without a back... I think Kitchen Aid has one.

Otherwise, I really like the current tile you have, honestly. You could always hand a plattter or wrought iron scroll work over your stove to bring in some color. Easier than replacing all that tile, at least for now.

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Thanks for all your opinions. I really am really on the fence. Perhaps just updating the stove will do it. It's true, the current backsplash/tile is indeed not as warm as the cabinets, just more beige, not pink (I think it may be just the monitor). And, I do love the tile suggestions posted by Nancy. My only concern is that since it is a relatively small space and is closed in on each side by cabinets, that it will look to busy. I guess that is why I went with the ones I do have. I just am not sure as to what my focal point should be. How can I introduce some color to the space? Maybe use some brighter accessories on the countertop and on mantle? Or just change the tile over the stove area? I also posted a pic of tile I think may work. What do you think? As far as budget, I'm pretty sure dh will be onboard, with the changes.

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I really like the tile you just posted. I think it will make the space more comfortable and less cold. IMO Your current backsplash looks too formal for your space. I don't know what the rest of your house looks like, but your kitchen don't look formal, besides the current backsplash. I would use a warmer color if I were you.

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It is a beautiful kitchen with a timeless backsplash. I think maybe a new coat of paint? Like others said...the tone of the paint.
Nice job!

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I am in the group that believe it is not the tile. To me the space needs an accent color. Rather than go to the expense and time of replacing the backsplash, try to find an accent color(s) that complement the cabs, counter and BS. The home decorating forum has some excellent advice, as does this forum on decorating. There are several designers and/or decorators on these forums that may be willing to provide guidance.

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Here is the practical part of the discussion, not the decorative. If you remove your tile, you will also be damaging your wallboard so severely that it will need to be redone. Are you up to that big of a mess and expense?

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