Kevin-What do you think of this stone? Others welcome to vote too

steff_1March 24, 2010

I went to look at soapstone and fell in love with a granite called Starry Night. The zoom doesn't show close detail, but it looks like the inside of a geode and has garnets in it.

It works with our other selections, but is such a different approach from a soapstone or more standard granite I was originally looking for.

Is this really granite or another type of stone? Are there any reasons to avoid a stone like this for countertops?

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You are in love. Enough said. That is what everybody here will tell you--you will know "it" when you see "it". You found It. This is what will make your kitchen 'yours'.

I love that stone.

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Looks like it might be Cosmos/Asterix.

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beekeeperswife - Thanks, it really is like love. Thought I knew what I wanted and then there it was. Swirly, colorful and the complete opposite of what I was looking for.

honeysucklevine - Thanks for the help on this. I couldn't find this granite listed anywhere else so thought it might be a proprietary name. Wanted to get more than one quote.

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Steff_1 -

It looks a lot like Cosmos - which I'd be willing to bet is the same
species of stone - just different names - out here in AZ - we call it

Nice looking material - I think you have fallen in love with a winner!!!



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Thanks so much Kevin. It really does help to have an expert opinion and know that there are no big issues with it.

It works really well with my Saltillo tile, so it's sure to be a popular choice in AZ too.

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Checked out Cosmos and they definitely look alike.

beekeeperswife - Found this old thread on Cosmos and you bring up the issue of how much of the beauty of the granite will show on the perimeter counters.

That's something we considered while there, but a really big concern if we use wood on the island per the original plan.

And then we had planned on keeping the original cabinets, but is the granite "too good" for just an update. So many decisions and one change leads to another.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cosmos Granite discussion

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Well well well, I HAVE this granite in my kitchen. It is called Golden cosmos and from Brazil. It is gorgeous but you MUST find a qualified experienced fabricator. It is full of mica and very difficult to cut, infact I have many epoxy fillins and wavy edges. I am unsure if I would do it again but it is so beautiful!! I have it polished and I have seen it weathered and the shiny looks well so luscious.. It is hard to photo! I have creamy cabinets and a wood island. Good luck. It did not etch with anything but it does scratch easily!!!! the island here is dusty but in the picture with the level you can see the true color in the front, dust in the back.

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That does look amazing and those are great pictures. Your detailed explanation of the issues is very helpful. It did look like there might be a problem with cutting because of all the different stones in there, especially the garnets.

Thanks so much for sharing your actual experience.

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Steff, before you give up, you might want to talk to fabricators. Some are skilled enough for ordinary stuff, and others are geniuses with crazy things.

Peytonroad, is it the actual stone that scratched, or the resin that's holding it together? If it's the latter, can't it be fixed?

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We met a fabricator at the stone place and he did mention the wavy edges which would not be a problem to us but not the scratching. It's definitely not off the list yet, just an item to check out before making a decision. This stone is on the high end, so it needs to earn its way into the kitchen.

That's a good question because there has to be a lot of resin in this stone. The answer could be getting it polished from time to time.

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Your tops look really great - nice coloration - those little round spots about the
size of a pencil eraser (that are deep dark red-ish black) are Garnet deposits..
I see this a a lot in other stones as well (just a "nice to know" trivia item that
you can impress your friends at cocktail parties with...HA!)

Stones with an abundance of Mica in them ARE more difficult to work (from
a Fabricator's point of view) - the ONLY thing that I would caution folks on
- if they are inclined to use ANY type of Granite that has TONS of Mica in it -
would be to try NOT to use a Chiseled Edge on the stone. Mica helps to
act as a "binder" in the stone sturcture, and when a guy tries to do a chiseled
or pitched edge - a stone with Mica in it - will not "break" as cleanly as other

just another "nice to know" tidbit to file under - stuff to remember when I'm
going to do Granite Countertops......



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You can search Stone Advice forum for information about it. It's called Cosmos, Asterix, Saturnia.

Here is a link that might be useful: stone advice forum

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honeysucklevine - Great advice! Have not see that and it looks like John Bridge for stone.

Kevin - Have you seen this problem with a stone like this scratching?

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I was just talked out of buying the stones Asterix and Metallic. I'm completely drawn to those with tons of mica to the point where other ones just aren't comparing. I wonder what I will have to settle on. The stone is expensive and 2 fabricators told me they could cut it but were not in favor of purchasing a stone with all that mica. One told me that if it does chip, it will start to peel away over time. A sample I have of the Metallic stone literally crumbles in my hand but it is SO GORGEOUS. I'm very sad.

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I am biting the bullet. I posted above that I was talked out of buying the stone Asterix. I have been to many granite yards this month and nothing else compares to the piece I saw. The only other stone I almost went for was the beautiful Labradorite blue (but I don't know if it will match so well). So, I found a fabricator willing to work with Asterix. I hope I don't regret it - going to reserve the slab tomorrow.

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HI Tamdave,

any updates you can share on your granite? I would love to see your slab and counters!

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HI Tamdave123, would love to hear if you have any updates? I am in the same position as you and cannot find anything else that compares!

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