Installation of Cheater Vent

kasefofaneJuly 12, 2007

I am trying to diagnose problem with kitchen sink on a recently purchased property that is tenanted. It is vented with a 1.5" cheater vent, the top of which is level with the underside of the kitchen sink. Is this too low and could it be causing slow draining problem? When I remove cheater the sink drains quickly, until it spills over the top of the open pipe and I cap it manually!


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Sounds like you have a clogged drain line below the vent. Run it with a snake. I am going to guess that it is caked with grease and food.

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I had the same exact problem with a new cheater vent I installed. It was the vent. I replaced it, and it worked fine after that. It also passed the plumbing inspection (I claimed a hardship, and the inspector agreed).

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