I'm thinking about adopting an adult Siamese cat

gibby2015October 24, 2010

I'm thinking about getting another cat. I have two and I tend to think two is enough but since my third cat died over a year ago I could handle another cat. This whole idea came up after I visited Spain recently and there were a ton of stray cats. Now I just feel like I could/should give one more cat a home.

For some reason I've become preoccupied with getting a Siamese cat - I think because I saw a beautiful one in Spain. It was sitting outside someone's door so I'm hoping it had a home there. I haven't had one since I was a kid but I have fond memories of it. I would get an adult shelter cat rather than one from a breeder and I like the traditional seal point ones. They aren't all that common I'm seeing but there's one at a local shelter that I might go see tomorrow. It would be an indoor only cat as my other cats are (screen porch is their outdoors). The one I've found is a female, about two years old, spayed and declawed.

I've been doing some reading about Siamese cats including some old posts here. Sounds like they are sociable, vocal, like attention and potentially like having other cats around. We aren't home during the day so I'm hoping it would have enough companionship with the other cats during the day. One of them is about 10 years old and still pretty active and playful - the other is 16 with a few chronic ailments so he has really slowed down. All of my most recent cats have been strays or shelter cats and they've all adjusted well to each other after not too long so I'm hoping the same would be true of another one.

Is there anything in particular I need to be aware of with a Siamese cat - behavioral, health, ??? Any reason you can think of that it might not be a good fit in my situation?

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I had a purebred one years ago and I just lost my siamese/tabby mix last year. What is it about Spain and Siamese cats? When we lived in France, we took holiday in Spain and they were all over Barcelona walking up and down the streets!

My mixed breed siamese was the best cat I ever had. She was quirky for sure, however. She detested the other household cats, but adored me. She demanded attention and wherever I was she was closeby, if not attached to my body. They are very vocal, so you'd best get used to that, lol. If a person is a dog person, and can't have a dog, as far as companionship and in your face love..........you can't beat a Siamese.

My DD's Siamese do well with her other cat. One is very outgoing and Ninja like.......the other very sweet and mellow. They do each have their own personalities, as well as breed specific traits. Love them.

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Ohhhh - that's interesting feedback about dogs. DH would love a dog but it just isn't realistic for our lifestyle. I have had two black cats that I think were Siamese-like - had the vocal, in your face personalities. Perhaps they were part Siamese. We love our two current cats dearly - they are very sweet and lovable - but I do think we miss that Siamese like personality.

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By all means do get a Siamese. I adopted a Burmese lady - Burmese are very similar to Siamese - and she is the love of my life. I never liked cats because they were passive aggressive and snooty. Well, what they say about them being doglike is very true. They still have a cat sensibility, but they are more direct, vocal and demonstrative then other cats I have known. She will climb into your lap and yowl at you if dinner is late but she won't go poop in the closet to get back at you.

Best of luck with your kitty.

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Well, I went to show DH the cat online last night and she was gone!! Boo-hoo - but nice that she found a home as I'm not 100% sure yet about getting another cat. Now I can't find a single, adult siamese cat up for adoption anywhere within 100 miles so I'll have to keep looking. I found a couple who have to be adopted with a mate and four is definitely too many for me. A lot come up in the search as siamese but are a mix and don't look like like the traditional sealpoint siamese - most don't look siamese at all. Oh well, I'll keep looking - maybe it isn't meant to be right now. One of my other cats would probably vote for that.

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I am rather fond of Siamese cats for their beauty - especially the stunning blue eyes.

Over the years, I have fostered a number of Siamese mixes - not truly "pedigreed". I have not found them extremely vocal - but then again, most were mixed with other breeds.

I went looking through my cat pictures, trying to recall my Siamese fosters. It is seems most - if not all - were relaxed and loving. And most seemed to care for one or two caretakers but where not a crowd pleasure otherwise.

I have 2 Lynx point Siamese mixes now - two boys, not related. Both extremely laid back. Alvin Jr is too lazy and does not care for anyone but me. He likes to lay on my feet and follow me around. And interesting personality.
The other one is a very likable cat - he is relaxed with people, but all of my cats either like him or respect him. Both cats just fit right in.

From Alvin and Allie

Another one is a gorgeous medium hair seal point with some marble spotting and silly crossed eyes. She is a sweetheart. But, as with my other two - she is not particular fond of entertaining people she does not care about - she is not the cat to greet and jump on the lap, unless they are her favorite people. Siamese seem to only have a few of those :)

Just a few pictures of my former foster Siamese kitts...All pretty loving and laid back kitties and every single one of them was a treasure to adopt :) All, amazingly, came from the streets - the Ragdoll mix, for example, came from a dumpster near a very busy street...I trapped him as a 6 week old baby, and just a few weeks later, he was melting in my lap ;)

From Powder Puff

From [Fosters March 2008](http://picasaweb.google.com/OlyaGrove/FostersMarch2008?feat=embedwebsite) From [Fosters March 2008](http://picasaweb.google.com/OlyaGrove/FostersMarch2008?feat=embedwebsite)

Possibly a Ragdoll mix

From [Foster Kitties Dec 07](http://picasaweb.google.com/OlyaGrove/FosterKittiesDec07?feat=embedwebsite)

And here is one just for fun
Little Siamese mix - with awesome six toe mittens (and an eye infection that was of course treated and resolved)

From [Foster Kitties Dec 07](http://picasaweb.google.com/OlyaGrove/FosterKittiesDec07?feat=embedwebsite)
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I hope you find another Siamese, there are so many kitties who need good homes. I had a Siamese mix for 18 years, the vet said that the traits I loved so much in him were Siamese. After losing him I now have another that I have had for 10 years. I believe my first cat is living within her. Siamese are definitely needy of affection and attention. I rarely am able to sit or lie down without Angel in my lap or in my face. She is very vocal, to the point that many times I have had a stranger on the phone in a business call who will let me know it's okay to go tend to my baby when it's really just my kitty not getting the attention she thinks she needs. Although at times her cry can be an annoyance I never am lonely, she is always willing to talk to me. We also have an Exotic Shorthair and the two live very nicely together. I have found Siamese are usually one person cats. Neither cat have had much to do with my husband or children. Fortunately for me, they both have been "my cat" Good Luck in your search!

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Glad to hear the cat found a home... sorry to hear it isnt your home!

We love love LOVE our Siamese. I can't imagine owning just a plain ol' cat ;) We've always had Siamese cat. They make wonderful companions. Our current Siamese is a rescue. It took us over a year to find a purebred Siamese within 100 miles of us on Petfinder. Keep looking and act quickly. We adopted our girl within 24 hours of her posting on Petfinder and there were three people lined up to take her if we should have changed our minds.

IMO, Siamese either love or hate children. All my cats easily put dogs in their place.... at the very bottom of the totem pole. Mine have also been territorial and introductions to new cats took awhile. They tolerate each other more than actually like each other.

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OMG - those pictures are so wonderful!! I think I have been pushed over the edge to get one. I did find a few new kittens today that are just adorable but I do really want an adult cat. I feel like you don't really know for sure what kind of personality a kitten is going to have when they grow up.

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This is a little OT, but when I was growing up my neighbor had a big, beautiful Siamese that slept on top of the TV. Now, this was back in the days when TVs had tubes and they got hot. Very hot. Well, over time the cat hair fell down into the TV and, well, you can see this coming - the TV caught fire. Fortunately the damage was limited to the TV and wall behind it - and the cat was fine.

My Burmese cat tried to sleep on top of the new flat panel TV when I brought it home but she ended up straddling it with her legs hanging down. She was fine, but she hasn't tried it again. She is safer on the bed.

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Oh, Gibby, hope you do adopt a Siamese! I sure do miss my Siamese mix boy. He must have been 95% Siamese because he was a classic seal point, blue eyed, Yowler! (Only in a certain light could you see some faint stipes on his tail.) He's been gone almost 6 years now and we have two cute rescued orange tabbies now, but for months after he passed away I was on the Siamese Rescue websites, longing for a Siamese. Look for a Siamese rescue organization in your state (just google) - they seem to be in most regions. Both DH and I had good old fashioned, apple-head, seal point Siamese cats while growing up in the 1960's. They have such "in your face" personalities and they do have those dog-like traits! Keep looking!

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Well, I'm continuing to look but nothing yet - at least nothing that lasts until the end of the business day when I can go take a look. There was a cute 3 month old kitty yesterday morning but gone before the end of the day.

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I think I might have found him. I've sent in my application and he's still available so hopefully I can go see him tomorrow or this weekend.

Here is a link that might be useful: Big ol' Siamese cat

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I hope you get Paul. My first of the 15 cats I've had in my life was a sealpoint Siamese and I loved him to pieces. He lived till 20 and my kids both grew up with him. He's beem dead for 20 years now and I still miss him.

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Paul is handsome!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Good luck with Paul! You can't go wrong with Paul Newman!

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I chuckle every time I think of that name for a cat. I think DH was kind of lukewarm on the idea of getting a third cat. Usually we only have two except if a stray shows up that we can't resist. I've never sought out a third cat. I showed him the picture of Paul Newman and he was immediately on board. He doesn't like the name though so he's busy thinking up a new one. I kind of like the name....maybe because I always liked the human version.

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We went to see Paul Newman today and met an amazing person who rescues cats and dogs from city pounds where they face certain death. She and a small group of foster home volunteers take care of them until they can find them homes. She screens people very carefully. I had to provide references and she called them - my vet and my cat sitter.

He was a sweet cat but not overwhelmingly all over you and in your face. He's seriously overweight (20 lbs) which may be the reason he's kind of lethargic for a three year old cat. We'd have to be sure we could address the weight problem with our multiple cat household - including one IBD cat whose dietary needs are high priority.

He doesn't look as much like a Siamese cat as I was originally hoping for - really just his face and shoulders. Otherwise his lower two thirds are all dark brown. I noticed quite a few older Siamese cats are darker like this. Do they just get darker with age? The young ones are always light with the distinctive markings on face and feet which I love.

He also seemed to have a bit of abdominal sensitivity which we're wondering about. He is vet checked, shots, feline leukemia negative, etc. but we're investigating just how thorough his exam was. Since I have one old cat with special needs I do really want to get a younger cat that is at least healthy to start with.

Anyway, Paul Newman wasn't the "perfect" Siamese cat I have been dreaming of but he is very sweet and needs a good, permanent home. So at this point I'm kind of wondering if I should be giving him that home or continuing to search.

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Being 20 pounds, I think Paul's going to need a long term diet to get him to a healthy weight. Is that something you are able to manage with your other animals?

Awhile ago I was going to adopt a Siamese/Snow Bengal mix from a shelter. However, she was on a special diet that my existing cat couldn't eat. I passed up on her because of that; it wasn't something I was interested in managing everyday no matter how cute she was. It can be done, it's just a matter of if you want to add in that complication when adopting or not. I felt bad for leaving her but she ended up getting adopted in a few weeks. If you are looking for such a particular breed/look, I think you just have to give it extra time until the right cat comes along.

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kittens - you are so right. I do have serious reservations about being able to do the right thing to help the big boy get to a healthy weight. I have one somewhat overweight cat now because I need to leave food out for my IBD cat so he will eat enough. He just eats a little bit at a time and we are usually away during the week days so can't feed him many small "meals". I almost feel kind of bad for the woman who does the rescue because she thinks we would provide such a good home - which is true because we do take very good care of our cats. But I guess that is part of the reason I have doubts - because I don't think I could do the right thing for this cat under the current circumstances. I'm not cat-less so there really is no rush.

The good news is there are people waiting in line for him - supposedly their "qualifications" just aren't as good as ours. My gut is telling me this just isn't the right cat but I hate the idea of passing the poor guy over. I know this woman will find him a good home though.

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Paul is most likely so dark because he lives in Minnesota. Siamese coloration/shading is heavily influenced by temperature. The cats in warmer climates stay lighter much longer.

Please do get an adult Siamese, even if Paul isn't the cat for you. My mother and her family have a long history of adopting adult Siamese cats (I grew up with them), and I've currently got a 13 year old of my own that I adopted four years ago. My last two lived to be 21 and 22, so I figure we've got plenty of time left with the latest girl.

With the exception of one, mine have always liked having other cats around. Without exception, they've all been very social and clingy with their people. If you love that sort of thing, you love Siamese. If not, well...some of my guests are not fond of typical Siamese behavior. ;)

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My Simon got very dark the older he got. I loved that boy.

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I am owned by a Siamese sweetie. She is gorgeous--dark chocolate gloves and mask, with turquoise eyes. A funny thing, though--she's extremely long-haired, but with out the fluffy undercoat that give Himmy's the fluff coat. I've measured the length of the hair on her tail, and it was nearly 6 inches. :) And she is very vocal--she'll let you know exactly what's on her mind, whether you wanted to know it or not.

This breed is so great--highly recommended! Good luck on finding your purrball!

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Well, I find myself thinking about Paul Newman all the time - he is really growing on me. That's interesting about dark coats and cold climates. Maybe that is also more the case for cats that go outside in the winter. Who knows what this guy's real story is - he obviously goes outside if he ended up at the pound. It makes me sad when any cat ends up as a stray but it really PO's me when a declawed cat ends up that way. What are people thinking. I told the person who rescued him that I'd like to not get him before 11/15 because we are going to be out of town. So in the meantime she is getting him checked out to make sure he doesn't have something wrong with his tummy. I think I have analysis paralysis about how I will get him to lose weight with my other cat's dining requirements. My husband says we will just figure it out. I've continued looking but the more I look the more I come back to Paul Newman. So maybe he is the one for me.

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I think Siamese cat is a good cat breed...I actually want an additional cat in my family so I also thinking about Siamese breed, that breed seems so cute and smart.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dog Crates

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I used to breed and show Abyssinians and remember hearing at a couple of shows that Siamese tend to darken as they get older. This was in a much warmer climate than MN, but darkening was a problem for show cats. Siamese are wonderful cats, and I have always wanted one myself. The pictures are adorable!

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Gibby3000, I sent you an email via your Gardenweb My Page email link.

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