clogged bath tub drain

vera11July 25, 2014

i posted 3 mos ago with same problem..bathtub drain clogged..had 2 plumbers electric snake with no success,one of them used something caustic and destroyed the tub(see pic) called another from angies list and he insisted on snaking AGAIN tho i told him it would be useless..of course it failed but he dredged up black water that has been in tub for 10 days (2 of them left and did not charge for snaking as it was guaranteed) a well meaning neighbor tells me that it may be the TRAP which can be accessed from floor below me. ( i live in 2 story condo on upper unit built in 1964) this would involve going thru his ceiling to access the trap..or since my tub is ruined, just replacing it at which time there is easy access to the trap.
i cane t believe i have had so many incompetent licensed plumbers that were not aware of this.
the tub still has the same water from 10 days ago..

my question is will this solve the problem? is there really a "TRAP" that clogs up?????

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I have the same problem with my bathtub on my second floor home that was built in 1985. Though we currently do not use it because of the drain problem, I would really like to know if your tub problem can be fixed.

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This reaffirms once again that plumbers chase cars and lick themselves in public. IMO,the guy is liable for ruining your tub. If you want to hear more on that,say so. A self respecting professional would have used a sump pump to remove the mess created in the standing water. It would be realy presumptuous to say I know how to fix it when I havn't seen the place but anyone calling themself a plumber should after examining the home. To answer your question "is there really a "TRAP" that clogs up?????",yes it's common and usually requires only a plunger to clear. If you decide to remove your neighbor's ceiling you might try this first. Ask at the hardware store for a device that is attached to a garden hose and forced as far as possible into clogged pipe where it swells and pressurizes when water is turned on to hose. Remove the plate from end of tub between drain and facuets to expose the pipe for insertion. There is some risk of pressure disjointing a pipe and wetting downstairs ceiling but you were going to replace it anyhow. There is far better odds the pipe will be cleared without incident and you save yourself lots of ceiling repair.
Kousea,before you try this,instead of pushing hose blaster into pipe,stuff a wet cloth into it then plunge the drain opening in bottom of tub.

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plumber was told of my scarred tub ( all from angies list ) AND THAT I FELT HE WAS RESPONSIBLE..ANGIES LIST DID AN "INVESTIGATION" wherin he lied, said tub was already damaged..have been to court in other matters and even after winning a lawsuit its very difficult to collect any monies awarded..
as for the plunger..we/they have plunged and plunged and plunged to no avail..
i still feel my best option is to replace tub and clean out trap

when hopefully there will be easy access to it.

i found it amazing that with all the GOOGLING i did i never found any info about a "trap". so many utubes suggesting use of snake, plunger etc. evidently there can be a buildup of "gook" where the usual practices simply dont work.

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"i still feel my best option is to replace tub and clean out trap "
Go for it then let us know how that worked out for you.

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"we/they have plunged and plunged and plunged to no avail"

Unless you block the overflow, punging will not act to clear a tub or sink trap.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tub Overflow and Drain Interconnected

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Forget about the trap. If they had any amount of snake in your plumbing ,the trap was the first thing they passed through. i would guess your plumber looked for a clean-out.Did they state how much snake they were able to get in?
Also make sure your vent isnt blocked up..

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