Curtain tie back installation height

txcountrygalMarch 14, 2011

Hi! Is there a hard and fast rule on the "proper" height to install curtain tie backs? Am using black iron U shaped tie backs with decorative spirals on the end. I've eyeballed it and have a height I think looks well, but would like to get your input as well.

My curtains (panels) are 84" from the rod to about 1/2 inch off the floor. The rod is installed about 4 inches above the top trim of the window.

Windows are on either side of our bed and am using one tie back on each window (left window's tie back will be on left side of window, and window on right side of bed will have tie back installed on the right side of the window), so panels are pulled to opposite sides.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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Do you want a more casual, or more formal look? The visual proportion can really make a difference.

Holdbacks higher up tend to look more casual. This would be about the halfway point or a little lower.

Lower holdbacks tends to look more formal - esp. when the upper part of the panel is bloused over the holdback. I've seen this range form about 40% up to as low as 25%.

I tend to do mine at about 40%.

About 40% up:

About 30% up:

About 25% up:

This looks like it's about 60% or higher. Starts to look a little goofy around 50%, IMO.

Different guidelines for very short or tall windows. :)

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