Copper Repiping - Picking a plumber

sng99July 19, 2012

We bought our first house (3BD/2Bath, 1400 sqft) which is 50 years old in SF Bay Area that probably needs the repiping (the sellers said that when they come back from vacation, they have seen yellowish water - this tells me the we might need to repipe).

I contacted a couple of repiping companies and the bids are way off (on the copper repiping). One company gave me a bid for $5200 and the other for $9500. When I asked the company with the higher bid to reduce their price, the guy talked about how companies use chinese made pipes (isn't this just copper does this matter) and also the workman ship may not be good etc..

So, I am hoping the experts here can help me with the questions that I need to ask these companies to evaluate and find out he best plumber with the right price.

These are the questions I have so far:

- What kind of copper piping will be used ? The diameter of the pipes, guage (thickness) etc..

- Types of fittings, fixtures..

- How do you patch the holes that are made in the dry wall ?

- 3 references (customers)

Anything else ?

Thank you

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Have you seen 'yellowish water'?
If so, did you take a sample and have it tested?
Is the current piping copper?
Is there evidence of leaking?
How old is the water heater?
Why not CPVC instaed of copper?

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No. I haven't seen yellowish water yet. I am planning to test it (can I do this myself ? or do I need to get some professional to do this).

The current piping is old galvanised iron and there is not evidence of leaking. The water heater I am told is about 10-15 yrs old.

Some plumbers have recommended to stay away from CPVC. People only talk about PEX or Copper.

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CPVC freezes more quickly than Copper or Pex, I have been told.

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